Fr. Johny Dcruz will speak at all the masses August 10th & 11th.
“Catholic journalists for Christian presence in media, employment
and social change in India.” Divyavani (God’s Word) is an initiative of Telugu Catholic Bishops Council (TCBC) comprising of two big Telugu language speaking states (100 million population) in South India working for the cause of Evangelisation, faith formation, and social change through TV programming and by way of training unemployed youth, drop out
girls, and women for life skills. India, the second largest country in
the world with the population of 1.3 billion people is still rooted in
social evils such as gender inequality and unemployment.

According to UNICEF report 65 million female babies were killed
in India in the last ten years by way of systematic and selective
gender elimination. Today there are only 920 females to every 1000
males in India. Since the vast majority of Indians are Hindus they
believe that only a boy will save them from Hell. There is also the
common notion that the boy is the bread winner. In addition to this,
if a girl has to be married the family has to give huge dowry.
There is also an evil practice of female infanticide – that is killing of
female babies in India. A number of methods are employed to kill
the newborn girls. 1600 people die daily due to diarrhea. This is
simply because 100 million in India do not have safe drinking water.
750 million do not have toilets which is a big health hazard.
In order to address these issues Divyavani Social Communications is
training Catholic graduates as journalists for mainstream media.
These journalists formed with moral conscience in turn bring about
education and awareness. We plan on training 160 youth in batches
of 40 this year. The training cost per student is $200. This makes
them employable and earning about 300 dollars a month. We have
trained 500 Catholic youth as Journalists and most of them are
already employed and bringing about social change.

Fr. Johnny Dcruz Part 1
Fr. Johnny Dcruz Part 2
Fr. Johnny Dcruz sings an Halleluja in Telugu.

The program: http://divyavani.tv/aboutus.php

A TV production of divyavani featuring Fr. Johnny D’Cruz saying mass. https://youtu.be/8fXyvLAqsT4 (sung mass in the Telugu language)

Fr. Johnny Dcruz saying mass at St. Elizabeth summer church in Guerneville, CA.
Thank you Sponsors and Donors for making our first annual MacKenzie Classic a success!
Thank you to our sponsors, donors, golfers, dinner guests and volunteers who helped make this new fund raiser a great success. We had a lot of fun, met new people, and cleared $9000 to contribute to the restoration of the various buildings of St. Elizabeth Parish. We had 16 golfers and a total of 55 people for dinner.
108th Annual Variety Show is in the books! One of the greatest, featuring Jimmy Buffet! Michelle McDonell reports on great outcomes in 2019, future date July 23, 2020.
Paxton and Tatum worked hard making candy with chocolate donated by Guittard Chocolate Company to sell at the Variety Show last night! We earned about $600 with the candies!!!
Selling candies at the Variety Show.
Congratulations to Tatum Jane Cissell on her First Communion, Divine Mercy Sunday

Welcome to St. Elizabeth, Guerneville and the Mission Churches of St. Catherine of Siena, Monte Rio and St. Colman, Cazadero.

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What’s the difference?

Paypal Giving Fund charges no fee; generates more than $100 million per year for charities; lists us as a charity making us visible to millions; issues you a donation receipt; you can chose to remain anonymous. Even if you cannot donate, please visit the link and share it via email, Twitter and Facebook (see lower right hand corner of page.) There is a link on this page to the Paypal Giving Fund FAQ page as well.

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Thank you to everyone who helps our parish through prayer, service, financial support or other support! We are blessed! 

Fr. Luis Peñaloza is the pastor and welcomes you!


4:00 PM Saturday Vigil Mass at St. Catherine of Siena, Monte Rio

5:00 PM Saturday Vigil Mass at St. Elizabeth, Guerneville

9:00 AM Sunday St. Elizabeth, Guerneville (choir and instrumentalists) 

11:00 AM Sunday St. Colman, Cazadero (Outdoor Church)

9:00 AM Mass Tues thru Friday St. Elizabeth, Guerneville; the rosary is recited before weekday mass at 8:30.

  • Tuesday: Adoration following Mass
  • Wednesday: Devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help following mass.
  • Thursday: Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament after 9:00 AM mass. No mass or services third Thursday of the month;
  • Friday: Healing Service follows 9:00 AM mass. Sacrament of Reconciliation and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament follow.


We are honored to have received donations from two of the most prestigeous wineries of the Russian River Valley, Joseph Swan Vineyards and Rochioli Vineyards and Winery. Enjoy the documentary by grower Joe Nugent (Stemmler Winery, Nugent Vineyard Pinot Noir) with stories told by the growers themselves! 




Information and Tickets: www.MacKenzieClassic.com



Update: The show was fabulous! Fr. Luis gave the invocation, the crowd was great and Jim Buffet closed the show wearing a volunteer t shirt! Waiting to hear from Michelle on outcomes – thank you to all the volunteers and audience who support this event!!!

Wine Truffles – YUM!BaxmanBarkCoasterLowRes
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We have expanded this fund raising effort by adding a sponsorship portion. Sponsors will be recognized with signage on the property bordering 4th Street. Here is the letter and accompanying form being sent:





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We have installed 26 of the 34 pew plaques and are continuing work on cleaning up the area. Grass is mowed, debris removed, finishing touches on the little rock shed and looking forward to a great July 7th mass. Thank you all for supporting this program. 

Flooding of St. Elizabeth Outdoor Church
St. Elizabeth’s Outdoor Church Feb. 27, 2019. The pews and altar are completely submerged, with only the altar cross visible.

Update: With the flood this winter and rains extending into late May, we are struggling to have the grounds ready and the plaques installed for the July 7th opening of the Outdoor Church. Please help if you can. We are still pressure washing and have considerable debris to remove. Some of us are working during the week in the mornings and there is a call for volunteers for June 22 and June 29. 

Dan Demers has found bricks from St. Mary’s Cathedral and used them to make crosses on the exterior walls of the stone shed. For many of us, this is a very special memory! The stone work also features angels, a gargoyle and a statue of St. Francis – be sure to take time to walk around it and enjoy its charm. The entertaining story of the bricks is below. 

Holy Bricks (1)


St.Mary's STory


IMG_0937IMG_0943Here is the current pew assignment plan:


Note: We are not able to honor some of the pew location requests due to the repair of the pews prior to the receipt of the plaques. Display of the board plaques will be completed this summer.

PayPal tech support suggest that visitors having issues with any online purchases use the PayPal Customer Service number 888-221-1161.

If you prefer to pay by check, download MemorialPlaqueBulletinInsertV2 and fill it out, return it to the church with your check. St. Elizabeth Church, 1405 Woodland Drive, Guerneville, CA 95446.

Wedding in the St. Elizabeth Outdoor Church June 23, 2018:

Music by Mariachi Torres (707) 228-0646

Special thank you to Larry Poirier who sanded off the graffiti on our benches before the wedding. Thank  you also to Jim Breaux and Larry Love who weed whacked for two week ends, Carlos Gonzalez and Ben Robles who have been working for weeks on this annual project, and for the people listed below who helped prepare the property for the summer season. Here is another video showing the beauty of the outdoor church – what a precious heritage our faith is!

The beautiful team of white Percherons, Jayder and Lucky, are provided by www.WineCountryWeddingCarriages.com, Julie Vasquez (707) 971-9660.


Fr. Luis has very kindly provided these books FOR FREE to assist us in becoming more holy. Please take them home and read them, they are located  on the tables with the hymnals.


Recommended Spiritual Reading
These books are offered FREE of charge at the back of the church, courtesy of Fr. Luis.


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) online at https://www.catechismclass.com/about.php. Catechismclass.com also offers classes for adults and children, as well as a series of talks by Bishop

We do not have a religious education program at this time. St. Philip’s in nearby Occidental offers religious education. Click here for information.

restoration of St. Catherine of Siena Church, Monte Rio, CA
St. Catherine’s Church was dedicated in August of 1912. San Francisco Archbishop Edward J. Hanna presided at the ceremonies. The cozy little structure was built at a cost of $3,000 [$75,000 in 2017 values]. The church, constructed entirely of redwood, was not wired for electricity until 1948. -From Daniel J. Demers “The Church the Bohemians Built.” The church was damaged by a fire in 2015, here is the story.


NEW! From Dan Demers: The Missing Cross

Story of SF Phone Book Cover
Dan Demer’s Story of early political correctness overcome in SF.

Enjoy Dan Demer’s history of St. Catherine of Siena: The Church the Bohemians Built

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Support the parish another way by buying these great aprons from Port Authority! Stain resistant and sturdy, you will LOVE the big pockets! Adjustable straps ensure proper fit, extra length protects cloths from stains. The parish earns $7.00 on each purchase. Limited supply, no shipping at this time, must pick up at church. 


Catholic nuns as nurses in US Civil War
Sisters of Charity, Gettysburg 1863
Sisters of Charity, Gettysburg 1863

Please enjoy reading parishioner/writer Daniel J. Demer’s latest publication, a fascinating story about Catholic nuns working with Florence Nightengale during the Civil War. We also congratulate Dan on the nice review of his new book, OLD WINE & FOOD STORIES, available on Amazon.

Enjoy North Coast Ecumenicist #3 , Dan Demer’s profile of the early California Russian Orthodox priest who shared warm friendships with Roman Catholic priests in Northern CA.  Ioann (John) Veniaminov would later become St. Innocent of Alaska.

St. Innocent of Alaska, Fr. Ioann (John) Vianiminov

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Pope Francis Encyclical LUMEN FIDEI  papa-francesco_20130629_enciclica-lumen-fidei_en

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/stelizabethguerneville

Retreats: Our region is world famous for tourism, offering spectacular scenery and world class wineries.  Majestic redwoods, invigorating coastal hiking, delicious artisan cheeses, fresh salmon and crab (in season), kayaking on the Russian River, are just some of the attractions in our vacation environment that lend themselves to a restorative spiritual retreat. Here is a list of hotels and resorts. One of our favorites is the Raford Inn which is about 10 minutes from St. Elizabeth’s.  We also encourage you to visit the other charming churches in our region. Here are two: St. Teresa of Avila and St. Philips in Occidental. We hope you plan a visit soon!

St. Colman’s Outdoor Church – a beautiful redwood grove, perfect for weddings!


Fr. Luis reminds us that singing is praying twice – a statement made by St. Augustine which is cited in the Catholic Catechism. We so appreciate the Music Ministry at St. Elizabeth’s which includes our choir and our guest instrumentalists and singers: Sopranos Misty North, Carol Kimbal; Tony Madrid, piano, John O’Connell and Noel Fahlen. Rebecca Brown, who taught Fr. Luis guitar years ago, travels from Rhonert Park; Winnie Myers (keyboard) comes all the way from Cotati; Stella Dunne, singer, comes in from Penngrove; Doris Belluomini sings alto; Sean and Terese Brown play cello and violin respectively. Eric Lindenbusch, tenor, our former cantor and cornet player has moved to St. Ann’s Parish in Bonners Ferry, Idaho – we miss him but are happy for him in his beautiful new home.


Fr. Luis often explains the importance of singing at mass by saying “Imagine if you just said the words of the song “Happy Birthday to You.” That is the difference that singing makes. St. Augustine writes:

So, then, my brothers, let us sing now, not in order to enjoy a life of leisure, but in order to lighten our labors. You should sing as wayfarers do – sing, but continue your journey. Do not be lazy, but sing to make your journey more enjoyable. Sing, but keep going. What do I mean by keep going? Keep on making progress. This progress, however, must be in virtue; for there are some, the Apostle warns, whose only progress is in vice. If you make progress, you will be continuing your journey, but be sure that your progress is in virtue, true faith and right living. Sing then, but keep going.

outdoorchurchmap3 Outdoor mass is said from July 4th thru Labor Day at 9:00 AM. The outdoor church is located in the wooded area across Armstrong Woods Road and is wheelchair accessible.

Here is a map showing the location of the St. Elizabeth’s Outdoor Church (Sunday 9:00 AM July 4th thru Labor Day.) You can drive cars down the dirt path for wheelchair access. Restrooms are in St. Hubert’s Hall. 


St. Elizabeth’s, Guerneville: Sat. 5:00 PM & Sun 9:00 AM. Enjoy the choir and instrumentalists at the 9:00 AM mass.

St. Catherine of Siena, Monte Rio, CA
St. Catherine of Siean, Monte Rio; mass is at 4:00 PM on Saturday

St. Catherine of Siena, Monte Rio: Sat 4:00 PM

St. Colman’s Church, Cazadero.

St. Colman’s Church, Cazadero. The outdoor church is about a half mile before you get to the church. Watch for the sign on the right, after crossing the second bridge.

St. Colman’s, Cazadero: Sun 11:00 AM

Information on St. Colman’s Outdoor Church Weddings

For other masses in the area visit the Santa Rosa Diocese website.

Office: (707) 869-2107

Email: CHURCHELIZABETH@comcast.net

Baptisms: By appointment. Preparation classes are required.

Marriages: Engaged couples are required to meet with the priest 6 months prior to the wedding date.

Confessions: By appointment. Call the office.

Enjoy this little boy named Augustine who played his imaginary violin during mass last Sunday!

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