July 13 Outdoor Mass St. Elizabeth’s

Thank you to the Poirier Family. Welcome home!
Thank you to the Poirier Family. Welcome home!

Today we mourn the passing of Fr. Luis’s mom, Luttie Penaloza, our parishioner Cathy Gilligan, and Larry Poirier Sr.  Heaven has gained three first class citizens who will be greatly missed here on earth. Fr. Luis said a beautiful funeral mass at St. Elizabeth Seton in Rhonert Park on Friday with wonderful music, loving testimonials from family members and a gracious reception after mass.

Today Fr. Luis delivered an inspiring homily on the gospel, inviting us to consider the parable of the sower of the seed. He asked us why do we think God casts the seed on both good and bad, on all circumstances on earth and all likelihoods of success and failure. He asked us to think about this and to nurture our faith carefully.

In times of loss, it is comforting to be together, thank you all for attending mass today.


Bavarian Cream Pastry
Puff Paste with Bavarian Cream, fresh Rasberries and Blackberries, topped with a square of dark chocolate decorated with a floral transfer!
Music Ministry
We thank our Music Ministry for enhancing the mass each Sunday.


Denise Britton
Bread Pudding topped with blackberries – the hit of the morning!





And thank you to our CCD teacher, Denise Britton for the most popular treat today: bread pudding topped with black berries! It vanished in seconds!!! Thank you so much – you do so much for our parish!


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