Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, August 10, 2014

Flowers grown and arranged by Sue Poierier. Every Sunday we are blessed with these glorious floral arrangements from the Poirier family!


1 Kgs 19:9, 11-13 / Ps 85:9-14 / /Rom 9:1-5 / Matt 14:22-23

Pastor’s Desk

There is a parable about a man who was riding on a train but didn’t know where he was going. There was good companionship among the passengers: they talked and laughed and made lan together for the days ahead. And there was music. It was a good trip, except that, now and then, a beloved fellow passenger would suddenly leave the train. The man who didn’t know his own destination wept whenever a friend would leave. “It isn’t fair,” he said. “If we coul donly know where they are going and what they are doing.”

Then, one day, he felt a tapping on his shoulder and, in an instant, he was standing on a station platform, the train roaring away in the distance. All around him were familiar faces — friends from the past who had come to welcome him. All around him there was incomparable peace, beauty and light — eons beyond the limits of the stuffy train.

The man could feel an awesome, wonderful Presence beside him and he cried out: “Why weren’t we told it would be like this?” To which an exquisitely gentle voice replied, “My son, if you had known your destination and the littleness of your journey, would you have troubled to discover the meaning of life in the beauty of nature, in good relationships, in good friends, in good times, i good feelings?”

Like a people once buffeted by the winds and waves of despair who have seen a great light — may you follow that light and find meaning in this moment of time. More importantly,may you find that you can trust absolutely in the larger meaning that made it all possible. Follow the light and you will find the hidden God waiting to welcome you into His Kingdom of Love!

Indeed a great load will be be taken from the minds of all who have complete trust in God.

Buoyed by our trust in God, may we arrive at that ultimate, “walking on air destination” which is now, and forevermore, the Kingdom of God, which is the Kingdom of Love.

Peace and Blessings!

Fr. Luis.

Today’s gospel (Mt 14:22-33) is the story of Jesus walking on the water and the the unsuccessful attempt by Peter to walk on the water. Fr. Luis began by explaining that water throughout the bible is a symbol of chaos and power, submissive to the power of God. In Genesis we are told of the unformed waters with God hovering above in a majestic poetic metaphor; we have the stories of miraculous parting of the waters by Moses and Elisha. Throughout water represents the tumultuous nature of our lives and the power of faith to overcome the tumult.

Peter begins to sink when his fear overtakes his faith, and the lesson of course is to keep our focus on Jesus.

Fr. Luis illustrated the point further with the story of the massacre of the French Cistercian monks at Notre Dame de l’Atlas in Algeria in 1996. The subject of the French film “Of Gods and Men,” the abbot wrote a document predicting their fate, in which he prayed that he would see his Muslim brothers in heaven. The monks voted to remain in Algeria as testimony to their devotion to Christ and their mission. Fr. Luis explained that it is by focusing on faith that we can face even the worst catastrophes in life, that we can “walk on water” by focusing on Jesus.

The story of Jesus saving Peter attempting to walk on water; image is screen capture from CATHOLICISM DVD 1.


Thank you to our Music Ministry for gracing our mass. Note to visitors and parishioners: if you would like to support the music ministry, mail a check marked “MUSIC MINISTRY” to

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14095 Woodland Drive

Guerneville, CA 95446.

We are especially grateful to SARA ROBLES today for her beautiful Gelatinas Encapsulada.

Gelatina Encapsulada
These beautiful desserts were made by Sara Robles. Each one is hand made, carefully forming the flowers with a syringe inside the gelatin.

We also enjoyed angel pop cakes – humorous little misshapen faces with halos and wings!

Angel Pop Cakes
Angel Pop Cakes
Gelatinas Encapsuladas
Close up of Gelatinas Encapsuladas made by Sara Robles. Sara learned to make these at Escuela Culinaria Internacional in Cordoba, Veracruz. Each flower is made carefully by injecting colored gel into the gelatin, forming the flowers and leaves.

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