Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time – Sept. 7, 2014


Note: the bulletin had an insert concerning the Diocesan Capital Campaign which is not available in the electronic version of the bulletin. The campaign is entitled Professing Our Faith, Walking in Hope, Building God’s Kingdom and is a five year project with an objective of raising $25,000,000.00. The goal for St. Elizabeth and the Mission Churches of St. Catherine of Siena and St. Colman is to raise $135,000 pledged over five years. 35% of the funds raised will return to the parish ($47,250) for programs and projects of the 3 churches. More information is forthcoming during the month of September.


Throughout the world these days, we have experienced the horrors of violence and war and tremendous inhumanity. Some of us who are reading this reflection may be in the midst of this terrible violence. Others of us just read about it, but feel real pain at the suffering we read or see on the news.
God summons Ezekiel to be a prophet – to try to change the behavior of the people. So much does God want Ezekiel to take on this mission of transforming the hearts of the people, that God even says God will hold Ezekiel responsible for the people’s behavior.
In the powerful Psalm 95 – used every day in the Liturgy of the Hours – we remind ourselves that if we hear his voice today, we should not harden our hearts.
Paul tells the Romans that all the commandments are summed up in one, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Jesus tells his disciples to be patient and helpful to our brothers and sisters who sin against us. We are to work it out – one on one – as opposed to trashing the offender before everyone else but the person himself or herself. If that doesn’t work, Jesus tells us to take two others, to still try to build a bridge of healing. Finally, Jesus says that if that doesn’t work, we should let this be a matter for the community. Only after all this effort at reconciliation should we say we had done the best we can.
Jesus clearly builds his community of followers on the notion of a community in which we care for one another, even when there is conflict and division. And, at the end of this gospel reading, Jesus assures us that whenever we are gathered together in prayer, he’ll be with us.
Our reflection on these readings and the terrible conflicts in the world can lead us to come together and pray for healing in our world. So much of the violence which is happening is the result of some injustice, some hurt and pain. Violence is never justified, but upon reflection we can often learn from terrible chain of circumstances witch ignited the violence.
Let us together pray for leaders and ordinary people everywhere, that we can come together to find the path to peace built upon some kind of reconciliation and just care for the common good, especially for those on the margins of our society.
Peace and Blessings,
Fr. Luis

Thank you to our Music Ministry. We are back indoors now in our beautiful little country church made entirely from one redwood tree. We are still enjoying visitors, people today were from Chicago and New Jersey and San Francisco. As the year continues you will see attendance drop off as winter commences our numbers get small. It is fun to have the church full, and we wish all our visitors Godspeed. Remember to sign up for the electronic copy of the bulletin if you would like to keep in touch with St. Elizabeth’s.


Thank you very much to NOEL FAHLON who hosted a wonderful brunch for the choir after mass! We had a wonderful time, thank you so much for your gracious hospitality!!! And thank you to all the cooks who brought delicious dishes!

St. Elizabeth's Guerneville Choir Brunch
Choir Brunch  – what a treat! Thank you Noel and all who contributed to the success of this lovely event! Lovely fruit platter contributed by Carol Kimball. Thanks Carol!
Quiche by Rebecca Brown
Quiche by Rebecca Brown
Sparkling sunshine and great conversations, delicious foods - it doesn't get better than this!
Sparkling sunshine and great conversations, delicious foods – it doesn’t get better than this!
Happy Birthday to Sean!
Happy Birthday to Sean! Best wishes for a successful 2014 and 2015 at Santa Rosa JC! Sean leaves in 2 weeks. His sister Therese also returns to school in two weeks, we wish both of these beautiful young people a wonderful year. We will miss you and keep you in our prayers!
Blueberry Muffins and amazing cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and jam filling by master baker Fran Korn
Blueberry Muffins and amazing cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and jam filling by master baker Fran Korn

Sept 17 Wednesday 1:00 PM Gelatinas Workshop | St. Hubert’s Hall: Sarah Robles will teach us how to make these beautiful gelatin desserts from Mexico. Class limited to 20. Fee $10.00 RSVP Irene 707-486-9683

Gelatina Encapsulada
These beautiful desserts were made by Sara Robles. Each one is hand made, carefully forming the flowers with a syringe inside the gelatin.

Sept. 20/21 | Russian River Jazz Festival | Call for volunteers – this is a major fund raiser for St. Elizabeth’s each year. We need people to help direct the traffic in the parking lots.

baseball caps for Sts. Elizabeth, Catherine and Colman
Brushed cotton twill cap with buckram lining and custom embroidery showing our 3 churches and names

Sept. 27 Saturday 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM “Harvest for Humanity” Dinner and Auction for St. Vincent de Paul Society

St. Vincent de Paul Society Fund Raiser
This fund raiser benefits the Free Dining Room operated by the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Santa Rosa.


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