Twenty-Six Sunday in Ordinary Time – Sept. 28, 2014


A highway construction worker, whose job it was to direct traffic during lane closures, was more than familiar with the frustration he saw (and heard) from frazzled motorists. So one day he decided to try to relieve the tension that inevitably results from such traffic backups. Consequently, on the opposite of his STOP sign, he hung another sign for motorists traveling in the opposite direction to see. It read:
“The Road To Happiness Is Always Under Construction.”
Concerning the obedience of Faith, the road to happiness is almost always under construction. It’s not a matter of once-and-for-all professing one’s faith — a once-and-for-all difference in one’s life — and then living happily ever after. Rather, it’s a matter of continuing call and response — of continuing calls for new Acts of Faith as circumstances change — of continuing challenges to choose between obedience and rebellion. To be blest, in the Gospel sense, is to be consciously and conscientiously involved in a process of continuing growth into greater integrity, and purity of heart.
Indeed. Though we may talk, talk, talk, the Gospel Truth always remains: “One act of obedience is better than one hundred sermons.”
Once again I just want to acknowledge those who have assist in our “Jazz and Blues Parking fund raising,” for our guild and those who volunteered last weekend, many thanks. The money we raised will be assisting us during the Fall and Winter time expense in maintaining our parishes: St. Elizabeth, St. Catherine and St. Colman. It is about continuing to have churches open within this area. It is not about me; it is about you as a church to continue.
Also, a big thank you to St. Elizabeth’s Guild for the two plants for the altar. They enhance our altar with beauty.
Fr. Luis


Fr. Luis Penaloza
Our pastor, Fr. Luis Penaloza with Grace Schemerhorn and Rose Chromy

We had a wonderful time at the St. Vincent de Paul HARVEST FOR HUMANITY Dinnner and Auction Saturday night. For more photos and information visit our St. Vincent de Paul Society page.

Rosie Bohny, Vincent Umscheid, RN and Michele McDonall, parking volunteers for Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival
Rosie Bohny, Vincent Umscheid, RN and Michele McDonall, parking volunteers for Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival

The Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival Parking fund raiser earned $6,860 for the three parishes last week end. The event requires 290 manhours of volunteer time (valued at $15 hourly totalling $4,350); we are deeply grateful to all our volunteers: Rosie Bohny, Frank Danzart, Rose Chromy, Grace Schemerhorn, Francine Korn, Michele McDonell, Carlos Gonzales, John O’Connell, Jean Koutz, Ben Robles, David Gillespie, and Irene Deem. Special thanks and a warm welcome to our new volunteers: Michael Collins, RN, Vincent Umscheid, RN; Patty Johnston and Valerie Pritchard.

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