First Sunday in Advent – November 30, 2014



A young playwright was extremely gratified when an important New York critic agreed to attend the opening of his “Off-Broadway” play. The critic came to the opening as promised, but quickly fell asleep and remained in that condition throughout the performance. The playwright was heartsick. As soon as the play ended, he dashed down the aisle and said to the critic, “I’m sorry you couldn’t stay awake longer. You know how much I wanted your opinion!” The veteran play-goer rubbed his eyes and said, “Young man, sleep is an opinion.”

In the matter of our approach to the Advent Season, sleep is an opinion. Instead, if we are fully awake to message of the Advent message, and open ourselves up to let Jesus into our lives more fully, the awful coldness down there at the center of our beings gives way to the warmth of His Presence; the fatigue gives way to new physical strength; the fear and anxiety give way to peace and joy. This actually happens as we receive God’s Power and Love through Jesus Christ.

One Advent Season, the pastor of a big-city Church asked his congregation to conduct an experiment.  Go into each day and each situation claiming that Jesus Christ is walking beside you every single moment. Wherever you go, whatever you do, claim that Jesus Christ is walking with you. Then, when the difficult challenges arise, when the going gets tough, when the outlook is grim, ask Him for the power and strength — not only to cope with the situation, but also to have good come out of it.

Go into each day and each situation with this attitude and approach and you will find that the Living Christ will be with you and will give you the power and strength to be with others. You will find yourself not withholding love from the people you encounter. Rather you become fully present to them in the ups and downs, the good and bad times of their lives. You will find yourself becoming a channel of God’s power and God’s Love to them.

The season of Advent is not only about God sending His Son to us, but sending His Son through us to other people.

During this Advent Season, remember, sleep is an opinion. So stay awake . . .Stay awake to the possibility that Christ is coming to present you with a new opportunity to experience God’s unconditional love at the deepest level of your being.  Stay awake to the possibility that Christ is coming to present you with a new opportunity to love each member of your family unconditionally. Stay awake to the possibility that Christ is coming to present you with a new opportunity to carry the Spirit of Love, into a fearful, anxious world.

During this Advent Season, stay awake, for “The master of the house is coming!

Peace and Blessings!

Fr. Luis


Liturgical Music Corner by our Music Director,
Rebecca Brown
Nov. 30, First Sunday of Advent
Today we begin our preparation for Christmas. The season of Advent is 4 weeks long, and the word “advent” means “waiting”. From the blessing of the Advent wreath, “Lord God, your church joyfully awaits the coming of its Savior, who enlightens our hearts and dispels the darkness of ignorance and sin.” Our readings today plead with God to save us from our sins, and exhort us to be “watchful and alert, for you do not know when the Son of Man is coming’.”
Songs for the 9 am Mass:
Processional Hymn: Gathering Song For the Sundays of Advent
“Come, Lord Jesus, come Lord Jesus, come and give us your peace.”
Psalm 80: Lord make us turn to you, let us see your face, and we shall be saved.
Preparation of the Gifts: Abba Father (BB # 543)
Communion Song: Remember Your Love (BB # 671)

Advent Wreathe
Advent Wreathe


Serendipitously, the theme of the Parade of Lights in Guerneville is “MIRACLE ON MAIN STREET” taken from a children’s movie about a Christian choir who want to sing Christmas carols in their town square, but are opposed by politically correct civic leaders. Since our presentation “Joy to the World” features our choir, our entry will have special meaning.

We have been waiting  to begin planning in earnest after Thanksgiving, and we are inviting all parishioners to participate. We especially need adults to walk along the sides of the truck and trailer to make sure no children dart out and get run over! We will start decorating around 5:00 PM at St. Hubert’s Hall. Hot chocolate and some snacks will be provided to our volunteers. It’s going to be lots of fun, and we encourage everyone to participate. For families with younger children, you may want to come around 6:45 and get in line. We line up at 6:00 on Fourth Street, but the parade doesn’t begin until 7:00 PM.

Raindate for the parade is the following Saturday, Dec. 13.

Things we need:

Angels, shepherds, wisemen; people walking with home made luminarias or candles or just walking; artificial flowers to decorate; Christmas decorations; lights, especially flood lights. We have the straw and the truck and trailer.

We need two people to walk ahead carrying our banner.

Please contact Irene Deem at (707) 486-9683 to let her know you are coming so we can plan. This is going to be a lot of fun, it’s a great parade and wonderful to have the churches represented. Thank you to Michelle Torr and Michael Collins for arranging for the generator and the banner. A huge thanks to the choir for volunteering to sing! It’s really going to add a very special presence to the parade and is a wonderful way to bring our faith to the Parade of Lights.

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