Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God – January 1, 2015

Solemnity of Mary

What a wonderful way to begin the New Year – honoring the Blessed Virgin. Today Fr. Luis delivered a beautiful homily which I wish I could have recorded, reminding us that if we sincerely wish for peace in this world, we must each have peace in our hearts. We must really work hard to do this, as it is not our nature but rather requires great effort. Fr. Luis recommended that we replace competition with compassion and to resist getting caught up in the worldly process of winners who succeed at the expense of losers.

In contemporary society we tend to regard people who are devout with suspicion, as if they go overboard if they attend daily mass or do volunteer work. But think of working out: do you get results if you only exercise once a week? If you truly want to have peace, love, generosity, kindness and truthfulness in your heart, you have to work at it!

While intellectuals argue century after century over economic systems and social justice, the truth is no mere political system corrects the very selfish nature of humans. They are all doomed, and indeed, history consitently shows that, despite the rhetoric and promises. We can only overcome this by God’s grace, and we can only do that by starting with ourselves.

On Sunday Fr. Luis told us religion is not taught, but rather caught. If we start with establishing peace in our hearts through union with Jesus, we can hope to influence others who “catch” our way of living, who see the peace and justice in our words and actions.


After 9:00 AM mass a group of us went up to the cemetery to pay respects and remember loved ones, Bern Gerigk, Bertrand (Buzz) Korn, Anita Bishop, and other family members of our parishioners. We prayed for all of our parish, living and deceased, and prayed for grace to build our parish up in spirit in the New Year. We especially would like to encourage volunteers to assist with ministries to the sick, elderly and disenfranchised members of our parish and our community.


Here are some resources from Fr. Baron’s Word on Fire ministry on the Blessed Virgin.

Wishing everyone a very Peaceful and Happy New Year!

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