Easter Sunday – April 5, 2015

Christ is risen! Yes, he is indeed risen. Welcome to our parish and hopefully you will enjoy our celebration of Easter.  As Catholics we don’t just celebrate Easter just this Sunday but we have the season of Easter all the way through Pentecost. We celebrate life transformation, conversion, just like the caterpillar changes into a butterfly. It is a great image that we have here at the center piece of our altar to remind us what Lent is all about.It is about transformation and conversion, whatever you put into your Lenten devotion or practice will determine the fruit of your labor.Many thanks for all those who have assisted in our Triduum celebration, or Holy Week celebration. For our Eucharist ministers, Readers and Environmental liturgist, and for our guild for a wonderful Seder meal.

And of course for our choir, most people do not know how much time Rebecca works on making the choir sound good. People think, “just sing and everything will turn out right.” That is not the case, the choir practices every Thursday night and after Sunday mass. Rebecca is a professional musician as well, as our cantor Eric and Winnie our pianist. Sean and Therese are also majors in music. We are lucky to have them in our parish!
Most parishioners don’t see the graces that have been in our midst. I would like to thank Lonnie Hoyt for fixing the window at St. Catherine’s and thanks for Kerch Thomas and Barbara Kerkalis for fixing the furnace at St. Elizabeth at no charge. They requested that their contribution be in memory of Kerch’s mother Marilyn Danara.
Peace and Blessings!



We would like to thank Sherilyn Parmeter and St. Elizabeth’s Guild who hosted the Seder Dinner on Holy Thursday night. Joe Torrez cooked a splendid dinner of roast lamb and optional chicken for those who don’t like lamb. The lamb was seasoned and cooked to perfection, pink and juicy in the mid section and well done on the ends. Rice and spinach were sides, and a nice tossed salad completed the meal. Fran Korn and Denise Britten made chocolate dipped macaroons which were served with ice cream for dessert. 72 people attended and participated in the ancient Jewish ritual, now incorporated into our Holy Week services. Thank you to all who worked so hard to make the evening so lovely.

Seder Dinner in St. Hubert's Hall after services on Holy Thursday evening.
Seder Dinner in St. Hubert’s Hall after services on Holy Thursday evening.

Thank you also to St. Elizabeth’s Guild (especially Fran and Eleanor) for the lovely gifts for First Communion, Confirmation and First Communion.


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  1. Thank you Irene for the super job you’ve done on this entire Easter Sunday page, and especially on the video, incorporating our song “Rise Up and Praise Him” composed by Paul Baloche and Gary Sadler, with the First Communion students and other footage during Mass! It was really nice of you to include my name and Rebecca’s at the end. But I’ll tell you what, every member of the choir gave it their all! If I could only add one name to mine and Rebecca’s, it would be our accompanist Winnie Myers. Her piano and Rebecca’s guitar make up the musical foundation or nucleus, if you will.

    Our violinist Therese (Rebecca’s daughter), right after our Easter Sunday Mass, was swiftly whisked back down to Santa Barbara so she can finish up her final two months of school at UC Santa Barbara. She is so close to finishing up her bachelor’s degree! Please pray her final weeks down there will go well. We will miss her, but God willing she will rejoin us in the choir come mid-June.

    Lastly, I want to let you know that my wife Cecelia had her cataract surgery earlier this afternoon, and is starting her healing process. The operation thus far seems to be a complete success–praise God! Your prayers have meant so much to us.

    May all of you enjoy a very blessed Octave of Easter! All praise and thanksgiving to Jesus, for without Him and His victory over the grave we would have no reason to lift up our voices together in celebration. This coming Sunday we will celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday. –Eric, choir cantor

    • Thank you for updating us and including the appropriate credits for the choir. So glad to hear surgery was successful. Thank you again for all that you do.

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