St. Colman’s Annual Salad Lunch – July 28, 2015

St. Colmans Luncheon


St. Colman’s Guild puts on one fund raiser per year and they do it right! This is always a fun event with families, delicious home made salads and desserts and exciting auction! It’s noisy, full of laughter and affection and great food.

A huge thank you to St. Colman’s Guild, especially Mary Lou Porta, Bette Cambell, Julie La Plante, Vera Bohan, Mike Nichols and all the others who cooked, donated, sold raffle tickets, and helped to make this annual fund raiser successful. Thank you also to youngsters William Grider and Alexis Canelis who handed out the winning auction items for auctioneer, Mary Lou Porta, ably assisted by Julie La Plante. Shown above is William’s mom, Jeanine Grider with toddler McKenzie Grider. Jeanine was thrilled to win 10 yards of blue shale from Bohan Canelis – Congratulations Jeanine and thank you to Bohan Canelis.

Thank you also to Fr. Luis who led the grace before lunch.

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