18th Sunday in Ordinary Time – August 2, 2015


St. Colmans Luncheon
Thank you to St. Colman’s Guild for the wonderful Annual Salad Luncheon. The salads and desserts were delicious and the laughter and conversations were great fun. Thank you to all the volunteers who made it possible. Thank you also to the generous donors of salads, desserts & auction prizes. Congratulations to Jeanine Grider who won 6 yards of Blue Shale from Bohan Canelis, shown above with her daughter McKenzie. Her son William assisted with Alexis Canelis in the auction. Also shown above volunteers Julie La Plante, William Grider,Mary Lou Porta and Vera Bohan. Not shown: Bette Camble and Diane Bei.


Greetings, to all and hopefully everyone is enjoying this hot summer weather we are having, just remember to drink plenty of liquid, preferably water, especially in these scorching times.

A quick shout out to our ‘Angels,’ in our parish especially three parishioners who take care of the office, for Katrina, Dan and Gail and I know summer is tough to stay in the office and answering phone all day. Katrina who always monitors what we need in the office and things needed for the church and Gail, who often is concerned with the organization of the office as well as making sure we have things in order at the outside church. THANKS!!!

And for St. Catherine, one of the all time parishioner/ Sacristans had the initiative to get the path going up the church all cleared and manicured for our visitors and attendants to appreciate and enjoy the blessings we have here at Russian River churches. And by the way, if you look at the ambo or lectern at St. Catherine, Margaret has commissioned one of her friends to put a wooden face that compliments the altar table, if you would look closely that the ‘table of the Word,’ is similar with the ‘Table of the Eucharist,” now.

The New Testament writers tell us, over and over again, that God, our Creator, loves us so much that He nourishes us at the center of our being with His own Living Presence. God Himself is present in us and around us. And as we identify with this reality, as we enter into union with God, we are nourished. And that is what the Gospel writers are trying to tell us in today’s story — that of all the ways in which God feeds us, there is one unique way, one supremely valuable way — one especially nourishing way — and that is in and through His Living Presence in the Lord Jesus Christ. They are trying to tell us that if we literally feed on this unique Bread of Life — if we sink our roots down deep in Christ — we will be nourished as in no other way.

We are placed here to be companions — a wonderful word that comes from the Latin “cum panis” (meaning “with bread”). We are here to share that bread with one another so that everyone has enough. There are many names for such sharing: The Beloved Community, the Kingdom of God, the Communion of Saints. And while the goal is too vast to be realized solely on this planet, it is still our task to create foretastes of it on this planet — living glimpses of what life is meant to be. Indeed, we are here to share Christ our Bread with our brothers and sisters everywhere In Christ our Bread, may each of us be living glimpses of what the Good Life is meant to be.

Peace and blessings

Fr. Luis

Liturgical Music Corner by our Music Director, Rebecca Brown

Aug. 2, 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

“I am the Bread of Life; whoever comes to me will never hunger, and whoever believes in me will never thirst.”


Bread has traditionally been referred to as the “staff of life”.  Our readings for these Sundays in Ordinary time focus on the Gospel of John, chapter 6, where Jesus reveals Himself as the “Bread of Life”, that which “comes down from heaven and gives life to the world”.  He is so much more than food for our bodies. He is food for our souls.  In this Gospel Jesus prepares his listeners for the revelation that He will give Himself to us in the Eucharist.  The manna is good, yes, but He Himself is better. When you approach the Eucharist, do so with a reverent and thankful heart.  Praise Him for His deeds, thank Him for His provision, and seek Him with all your heart, and He promises that you will never hunger or thirst again. 


Songs for the 9 am Mass:

Gathering Song:  Glory and Praise to Our God  # 547

Gloria in excelsis Deo, gloria, gloria!

Gloria in excelsis Deo, et in terra, terra pax.

Psalm 78:  The Lord gave them bread, bread from heaven.

Intercessions:  O God, hear us, hear our prayer.

Preparation of Gifts:  Seek Ye First  # 437

Communion: The Supper of the Lord  # 361

Recessional:  Sent Forth By God’s Blessing   # 385

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