20th Sunday in Ordinary Time – August 16, 2015


Today we enjoyed a beautiful improvised song performed by  Michael John Poirier. Michael’s musical ministry takes him to parishes across the country. He attended the Western Province School of Theology at the Graduate Theological Union for two and a half years and then developed his ministry. From his website we learn:

“This is our family. Joseph 18, John Paul 14, and Therese 8. The guys will be glad if I say we don’t always dress like this – and they look older than this by now. Sometimes we laugh. Sometimes we yell. Sometimes we get on each other’s nerves. And sometimes it’s hard for us to pray but guess what? We still try to pray anyway. Do you know why? Because we have found very few activities that draw our hearts together the way family prayer draws us together. Mary and I were once dead-in-the-pew-Catholics until God’s grace woke us to the power of the Sacraments.” You can visit the website and join for a small fee to enjoy his musical ministry. http://prayerbreaks.org/



Greetings, to all! Sept. 12th and 13th is one of our big fund raising in our churches, the community of Guerneville will have their Jazz festival and we take opportunity to use our empty lot for parking. And this fund raising takes a lot of VOLUNTEERS to make it happen. And Volunteers for Saturday and Sunday directing parking and monitoring the use of the Hall, keeping restroom clean and supplying paper toilets as such. We need people to relieve other and give them breaks the hours of operation starts at 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Please call the office or sign up after mass for when you want time you can help us.
In a book called “The Grand Essentials,” the author, Patterson, B says…
I believe that when life has whittled us down, when joints have failed and skin has wrinkled, and capillaries have clogged and hardened, what is left of us will be what we were all along—in our essence, in our inner-spirit.
Exhibit “A” is a distant uncle. All his life he did nothing but find new ways to make himself richer. He spent his twilight years drooling and babbling constantly about the money he had made. When life whittled him down to his essence, all that was left was raw greed. This is what he had cultivated in a thousand different ways, over a lifetime of self-service.
Exhibit “B” is my grandmother. What did she talk about in her twilight years? The best examples I can think of are those occasions when she was in her mid-eighties and we asked her to pray the blessing before dinner. Although she had lost some of her mental powers and was fast declining physically, nevertheless she would reach out and hold the hands of those sitting besides her. A broad smile would spread across her face, her eyes would fill with tears as she looked up to heaven, and her chin would quiver as she poured out her love—for God, and for all of us around the table, and all people everywhere. That was grandma in a nutshell. She love God and she loved people. Even though she was at a point where she couldn’t remember our names, she couldn’t keep her hands from patting us lovingly whenever we got near her. When life whittled grandmother down to her essence, all that we left was love: love for God and love for people.
If we should try to whittle our lives down to our essence, and if love is not all that’s left, we need to acknowledge whatever it is in our lives that is causing our estrangement from God and resolve to change it. We need to refocus our end-view of life until we can plainly see our urgent need for eternal life in the here and now—our urgent need to be in the direct communion with God made possible by Jesus Christ.

Peace and blessings!

Fr. Luis

Marty Tierney
After mass Financial Committee Marty Tierney explained our miraculous financial report which is in the black for the first time in years.

Financial Report:

After mass Finance Committee member Marty Tierney explained that even though we have a miraculous report in the black (for the first time in years) we will still have a second collection. Why? Quoting Fr. Ryan, Marty explained “because it’s the Catholic chuch!”  So keep on giving folks, our buildings are old and in need of repair, and as home owners we all understand the reality of owner real property!

Rosie Bohny, Vincent Umscheid, RN and Michele McDonall, parking volunteers for Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival
Rosie Bohny, Vincent Umscheid, RN and Michele McDonall, parking volunteers for Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival

Please volunteer for the Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival Sept 12 & 13. This is a major fund raiser for St. Elizabeth’s and our volunteers are getting too old, need to pass the torch! Sign up after mass or call the rectory. We start at 8:00 and need to stay until 7:00 but the main crush is between 8:00 and 1:00. Rectory: (707) 869-2107.

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