22nd Week in Ordinary Time – August 30, 2015



Greetings! Two more Sundays till we are back to celebrate Sunday mass inside, our churches I would like to acknowledge and thank those who have been very dedicated in setting, cleaning and preparing our Sunday liturgy mass outside. This Sunday is fifth Sunday and the second collection goes to St. Vincent de Paul society feeding the poor and the homeless in our vicinity.
mystery to the other: a mystery of joys and sorrows, hopes and fears, strange hurts and strange joys. Not least of all we are a mystery to ourselves. It is, in The Apostle Paul’s words, only in the Coming Kingdom that “we shall know ourselves even as we are known.” But now is the time of exploration and self-discovery, if only in part. And so I say to the parents — in superficial matters, may you look beyond the hairstyles and the fashions of the day, secure in the knowledge that “this too shall pass away.” And I say to us all — in eternal matters, let us look beyond the “outward-face” of our religious zeal, as we reflect our inner-life of devotion to God’s Will that “will never pass away.”
Peace and Blessings!
Fr. Luis

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