24th Week in Ordinary Time – Sunday, Sept. 13, 2015




Peace be with you, what a wonderful ending of our outside Mass celebration last Sunday. It was great to see a large crowd of people attended. On my way out to Cazadero, some of the summer visitors mentioned to me that governor Brown was there and I thought well, that is nice to see our government elected officials do go to church, what a great witness to our Catholic parishioner.

I would like to thank all of you, especially our parishionerS who every Sunday morning prepares the altar and the area of worship, for Larry, Carlos, Jose, and Chris, many blessings to you as well as our choir who has blessed us with such a wonderful music and worship. And for Susan who provided flowers on the altar every Sunday, great job folks!

For Francine and guild members who provided hospitality and welcoming snack for our visitors and parishioners, many blessings to you.

I would like to thank the GUILD also for buying a new window blinds for our St. Hubert’s Hall.  If you have a chance to see it it’s wonderful, it’s not like the old institutional venetian blind but a soft fabric that lightens or softens up the ambiance of our gathering space.  I’m looking forward for our Christmas party this coming winter!


On Saturday, September 19th beginning at 8 AM a general clean-up of the summer church grounds will take place to get ready for closing down for the winter months. We are blessed to have Chief Baxman, Cal Fire and Russian River firefighters and a huge debris box donated and fees waived by the County of Sonoma. Thank you!

For any volunteers wanting more information please contact Francine Korn, 869-9341 who is coordinating this clean-up with Frank Danzart.  Food and water will be provided.

There is an amusing story about a priest and a rabbi who are playing golf together for the first time.  The rabbi soon discovers that the priest is an excellent putter.  He also notices that before putting, the priest always make a sign of the cross, half way to the course, the rabbi was losing by 10 strokes.  Consequently, he asked the priest if he thinks it will be alright if he too crosses himself.  “Sure, rabbi go ahead,” the priest says, “But it won’t do you any good until you learn how to putt.”


We can go through the motion making the sign of the cross.  But until we begin making the cross the ultimate sign that we have accepted the teachings of Jesus, it won’t do us any good.

Peace and Blessings!

Fr. Luis


by our Music Director, Rebecca Brown

Sept. 13, 24th   Sunday in Ordinary Time

“May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord, through which the world has been crucified to me and I to the world.”

In today’s Gospel Jesus begins to teach the crowd that the “Son of Man must suffer greatly, be rejected…be killed, and rise after three days.”  To be a disciple of Jesus, He states that we must deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him. The cross is part of life.  We have all experienced it:  illness, disabilities, death, loneliness, crime, weakness, injustice, pain. Scripture tells us that even though He was God, Jesus suffered in every way that we do. He understands our pain and our suffering.

In the words of St. John Paul ll, “Jesus continues to ask each of us, But who do you say I am? He calls each of us to say You are the Christ by the life we lead.”

As we sing the hymns today, let us reflect on what it really means to take up our cross and choose Christ, and pray that we may do it wholeheartedly and unreservedly.

Songs for the 9 am Mass:

Gathering Song: Glory in the Cross  # 724

Gloria in excelsis Deo, gloria, gloria!

Gloria in excelsis Deo, et in terra, terra pax.

Additional words to the Gloria are found in your Breaking Bread hymnal, p. 6.

Psalm 116:  I will walk before the Lord, in the land of the living.

Intercessions:  O God, hear us, hear our prayer.

Preparation of Gifts:  In Christ Alone  # 414

Communion: I Will Choose Christ  #520

Recessional:  Sent Forth By God’s Blessing  # 385

Jazz Parking is one of the major source of funds for St. Elizabeth, St. Catherine of Siena and St. Colman.
Jazz Parking is one of the major source of funds for St. Elizabeth, St. Catherine of Siena and St. Colman.

 Correction to Sept. 13 bulletin: Special thanks to Tom Finn (incorrectly identified as Tom Lynch.)

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