32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – Sunday, November 8, 2015

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During the month of November we remember the names of our love once that are not with us.  In remembrance of them and in keeping the tradition of our Catholic  faith, we remember them in our Sunday mass as well as in the daily mass.  On the altar we have the book of remembrance with the names that you have given me, continue to pray for your love once and I’m sure they are praying for us.

I often missed having a small faith sharing group.  And this year I invite you to join me in reflecting on “The Holy Year of Mercy,” reflection by Pope Francis.  Starting the first week of Advent, it is a time of reflecting and growing in faith as we prepare to celebrate the Christmas season.

Also, this Thanksgiving Day, we will have Thanksgiving mass at 9:30 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day, before you celebrate your time with family please join me.

In the Old Testament Book of Exodus, there is a passage in which the preacher has just told his congregation that they need to be generous with their offerings. Call it a “money” sermon. He doesn’t plead, he doesn’t manipulate, he doesn’t try to instill guilt feelings, he merely tells them that money is needed to take care of the sanctuary and other needs. “This is what Yahweh has commanded,” he says, “set aside a contribution for Yahweh out of your possessions. Let us all give willingly.” And the people respond by bringing in their offerings. And they continue doing so until it gets to the point where it is becoming more and more difficult to handle all that is coming in. And believe it or not, the preacher went before the congregation and told them, “Don’t bring in any more offerings.”

Have you ever in your whole life heard a preacher say to a congregation, “Stop giving — You’ve given enough — Don’t give any more?” So what was the secret of this generosity?

Actually, it’s was no secret! It was a spontaneous reaction to the experience of God’s Presence in their life as a People. They had been living a life of slavery in Egypt. And because of the Grace of God, they were set free. God saved them! God entered into Covenant with them! God chose them to be His People! And, as they journeyed through the desert wilderness toward the Promised Land, their hearts were deeply stirred by the abiding Living Presence of God, the Bible tells us. And their offerings were spontaneous expressions of what was going on in their hearts — an outward expression of their inner-experience of God’s caring Presence. Because they knew in their hearts that God was with them, they wanted to give generously and willingly.

So let us pray that our generous giving to the Church comes straight from the heart in the spirit of the widow at the Temple Treasury.

Let us pray that the generous giving of ourselves to others comes straight from the heart in the spirit of Christian love.

That’s the true spirit of giving! And that’s what it means to be rich in love!

Peace and Blessings!

Fr. Luis

by our Music Director, Rebecca Brown
Nov.8, 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
“Fresh and green are the pastures where he gives me repose”
(Communion antiphon)
This is the month of All Souls, where we remember all those
who have gone before us “marked with the sign of faith”.
Today we include in our liturgy the singing of the “Lux Aeterna”
litany, commemorating our loved ones who have died, and
praying for each of them by name, that God would welcome
them into His heavenly kingdom. We also pray for ourselves,
that we may be worthy of this gift of salvation, and in
thankfulness for the gifts that God gives us. Let us have pure
hearts, giving freely to God as did the poor widow in today’s
Gospel, who contributed “all that she had, her whole
Songs for the 9 am Mass:
Gathering Song: Blest Be the Lord # 433
Gloria in excelsis Deo, gloria, gloria!
Gloria in excelsis Deo, et in terra, terra pax.
Additional words to the Gloria are found in your Breaking
Bread hymnal, p. 6.
Psalm 146: Praise the Lord, my soul, praise the Lord!
Preparation of Gifts: Lux Aeterna Litany
Lux aeterna, dona eis requiem. (Let eternal light shine upon
them. Give them peace.)
Communion: There Are Many Rooms (ss)
Recessional: Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine (ss)

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