Christmas 2015

Thank you to our choir for the beautiful Advent and Christmas music. Here are some video’s from the Christmas Eve Carol Worship and Christmas Night Mass.

This is the bulletin for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Sunday, Dec. 27, 2015.

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas!

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Pastor’s Desk Text:

Once upon a Christmas Eve, a man sat in reflective silence before the fireplace, pondering the meaning of Christmas. “There is no point to a God who became man,” he mused. “Why would an all-powerful God want to share even one of His precious moments with the likes of man? No way! The whole thing is absurd! I’m sure that if God really wanted to come down to earth, He would have chosen some other way.” Suddenly, the man was roused from his reverie by a strange sound outside. He went to the window and saw a small gaggle of blue geese frantically honking and aimlessly flopping about in the snow. They seemed dazed and confused. Apparently, they had dropped out, in exhaustion, from the flight formations of a larger flock on its way from the Arctic Islands to the warmer climate of the Gulf of Mexico. Moved to compassion, the man tried to “shoo” the poor geese into his warm garage, but the more he “shooed” the more they panicked. “If they only realized I’m only trying to do what’s best for them,” he thought to himself. “How can I make them understand my concern for their well-being?” Then, this thought came to him: “If I could become an ordinary goose and communicate with them in their own language, they would know what I am trying to do.” And suddenly he remembered Christmas and a smile came over his face. The Christmas story no longer seemed absurd. Suddenly, he pictured that ordinary-looking Infant, lying in the crèche in that stable in Bethlehem, and he knew the answer to his Christmas problem: God had to become one of us to tell us, in human terms we can all understand, that He loves us.
Because we have received something beautiful FROM God, we must reach out our hands and do something beautiful FOR God. That is the other side of our Christmas story. Changing one little word — “from” to “for” — makes all the difference in our Christmas celebration.
May it make all the difference in the rest of your Christmas celebrations — today, and every day! In the True Spirit of our Christmas celebration, I wish each and every one of you a very blessed, and a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy time with the family, especially your parents. Build good new memories and share old memories with your children about Christmas.

Peace and blessings to all!

Fr. Luis



By our Music Director, Rebecca Brown
Dec. 24/25 Christmas
Processional Hymn: O Come, All Ye Faithful/ Adeste Fideles
(BB # 79)
Gloria: Gloria in excelsis Deo, gloria, gloria!
Gloria in excelsis Deo, et in terra, terra pax!
Psalm 96: Today is born our Savior, Christ the Lord.
Preparation of the Gifts: Lullaby of the Dove, choir
Communion Song: Silent Night (BB # 92)
O Holy Night, choir
Recessional Song: Joy to the World (BB # 78)
Hymn Notes:
O Holy Night (“Cantique de Noël”) was composed by Adolphe
C. Adam in 1847 to the French Christmas poem “Minuit,
chrétiens” by Placide Cappeau.
On Christmas Eve, 1906, Canadian inventor Reginald
Fessenden broadcasted the first AM radio program and
played “O Holy Night” on the violin, making the popular carol
the first piece of music to be broadcast on radio.
We thank our Choir for enhancing our worship throughout
the year and especially at Christmas with the joyful Christmas
Eve Carols and Mass and Christmas Day Mass.

As you visit with family and friends this Christmas, please be on the lookout for signs of decreasing mental capacity and
health. If you have any concerns about a loved one, or wish to discuss care options for those who are alone or may show signs of Alzheimer’s, please contact Catholic Charities Senior Services. We offer a licensed day program for those with signs of dementia (veterans are welcome), with activitiesdesigned to improve communication and mental and physical health in a warm, stimulating atmosphere. We also operate a 24/7/365 check-in program for seniors who live alone – a true lifesaver in some cases. Please contact Michele Osmon, Director of Senior Services,
at 707-528-8712 x185 or

We look
forward to welcoming you into our program. For more information, please visit
senior-services and find us on Facebook.


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