Epiphany – Januay 3, 2016

8th Day of Christmas, Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God, Friday, January 1, 2016. Cantors Eric Lindebusch and Kate Dinsmore sang a beautiful rendition of “Lo How a Rose E’re Blooming” acapella during mass.



Epiphany, Sunday, January 3, 2016 Bulletin3Jan2016


Bulletin: Bulletin3Jan2016


Adoration of the Magi by Pietro Lorenzetti, Louvre Musem,  caption




Happy Epiphany! I just want to acknowledge various people in our parish who constantly help this parish function. Our volunteer secretaries, Gail, Dan and Katrina, thank you for all you do here in the office. Also, to Irene Deem, for tirelessly making the Sunday Bulletin every week and for Joan who often assists Irene in folding the bulletin. This task is time consuming and it’s a thankless job. For our Guild’s members thank you for all your help in fund raisings! Many blessings upon these volunteers!
Many thanks also for Dan Demers for taking charge of St. Catherine are re-building. It is a daunting task, with his expertise and time he has been constantly on the go with the insurance people and the Diocese as well as other areas in the process.
For Rebecca, Eric, Sean, Stella, Doris, and Winnie, for blessing our choir with exceptionally wonderful music and liturgy every Sunday here at St. Elizabeth’s. It has been a blessing and a great addition and enhancement of our celebration of our Sunday Mass. Especially with Rebecca’s talent and direction to our choir, amazing how it blossomed within two years. And for the rest of the choir who have been very dedicated in practicing every Thursday traveling all the way to Cotati for practice and staying after Sunday mass to practice, well done!
And for our Lectors and Eucharistic minsters as well as our ushers who every weekend come and assist in the liturgy celebration. For Margaret McAtee, Larry and Carlos our sacristans on the weekend and weekdays, thank you! Let us not forget for Josefina, and the other Hispanic group who comes and cleans our church every week. Blessing to you all!

West County Health Center is a total loss following a fire on Dec. 26.

As you know the health clinic burned the day after Christmas and they are looking for a place to put their temporary modular so that they can continue to serve this community. The West County Medical Center Executive Director Mary Szecsey asked if they could use the space behind St. Hubert’s Hall and we are in the process in assisting in their request. So, please don’t be surprised if you see a modular building behind Hall. The modular probably would be there for six months or so until their buildings are rebuilt.
It’s been a wonderful 2015 and I just pray this coming year, 2016, we will see God’s blessing upon our parishes and as always my prayers are for each one of you in our parish to grow closer to our faith and to be the better person that God wants you to be.

Peace and Blessings!

Fr. Luis

By our Music Director, Rebecca Brown
Jan. 3rd, Feast of the Epiphany
“We have seen his star in the East, and have come with gifts to adore the Lord.”
The Feast of the Epiphany (meaning “manifestation”) celebrates the revelation of God the Son as a human being in Jesus Christ, and commemorates Jesus’ physical manifestation to the Gentiles.
Immediately the magi fell to their knees and adored the one born as Lord… the glory of his divinity is now made manifest. A boy he is, but it is God who is adored. The Son of God, who is God of the universe, is born a human being in the flesh. He permits himself to be placed in a manger, and the heavens are within the manger. He is kept in a cradle, a cradle that the world cannot hold. He is heard in the voice of a crying infant. This is the same one for whose voice the whole world would tremble in the hour of his passion. Thus he is the One, the God of glory and the Lord of majesty, whom as a tiny infant the magi recognize. It is he who, while a child, was truly God and King eternal.

Saint Chromatius of Aquileia (died 406 AD)
Songs for the 9 am Mass:
Processional Hymn: We Three Kings (BB # 107)
Gloria: Gloria in excelsis Deo, gloria, gloria!
Gloria in excelsis Deo, et in terra, terra pax!
Psalm 72: Lord, ev’ry nation on earth will adore you.
Preparation of the Gifts: The First Noel BB 108
Communion Song: What Child is This BB # 109
Recessional Song: Joy to the World BB # 78

Thank you, again, for your generous donations to the music ministry!

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