Third Sunday in Ordinary Time – January 24, 2016




Vincent Van Gogh. Still Life with Bible, October 1885


Van Gogh. Still Life with Bible, October, 1885. Image copied from THE SUNDAY WEBSITE of St. Luis Univeristy.


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There are many ways in which we can position ourselves
to experience this Loving Presence of God in our lives.
We can pray. We can meditate. We can read the
Scriptures. And, of course, we can participate ever more
deeply in the experience of worship. And there are still
other ways in which God’s Love becomes real to us
which leads us into one of the biggest paradoxes of our
Faith, one which so many of us find extremely difficult to
grasp. The paradox is this…
Many, many times in our lives, the very best way to
make the inward journey to God is through the outward
journey to others. The very best way to experience the
merciful love of God is to show mercy to others. Or, as
one of the early Church Fathers said so beautifully by
putting two of Jesus’ best-known parables together:
“The Prodigal Son cannot fully experience the Father’s
love until he has walked the Jericho Road with the Good
In a newspaper interview, actress Diahann Carroll
described what happened to her after her husband died
in a tragic automobile accident. She said she was
absolutely inconsolable. She screamed. She threw
things. She broke mirrors. She cried. She wouldn’t eat.
She couldn’t sleep. She had to be given strong sedatives.
She had been deeply wounded. But she explained how
she came out of that experience in the weeks and
months that followed, during which her life became
completely transformed. The terrible frustration over
her inability to control what had happened in her life
began to disappear. And everything changed: the way
she felt about herself and about others changed. When
the reporter asked her to explain more fully how this
change had come about, she replied, “The change in my
life has all come about because I realize now that
nothing in life is in your control. Nothing! When you
accept that, you gain new strength.” Then she added
this telling sentence: “You pretend that you are in
control but your heart knows better.”
Listen to your heart and trust in God. Let His Power and
Love flow through you. Open yourself up to the
possibilities of God –- those beautiful surprises that
come only when you let go –- and let it be done
according to the Will of the Only One who is forever in
Peace and Blessings!
Fr. Luis



by our Music Director, Rebecca Brown
Jan. 24th: 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has
anointed me to bring glad tidings to the poor.”
Songs for the 9 am Mass:
Processional Hymn: God Has Chosen Me BB # 379
Gloria: Gloria in excelsis Deo, gloria, gloria!
Gloria in excelsis Deo, et in terra, terra pax!
Psalm 19: Your words, Lord, are Spirit and life.
Preparation of the Gifts: We Are One Body (ss)
Communion Song: Fill My Cup, Lord BB 398
Recessional Song: A Rightful Place BB # 638



Catholic Charities seeks volunteer mentors to assist
families transitioning from homelessness to selfsufficiency.
Mentors receive training in offering
emotional support, life-skills advice, and community
resources, along with staff support and a flexible
schedule. Qualified candidates should be approachable,
compassionate, and able to manage expectations.
Contact us at 707-791-5296, or Bilingual mentors especially


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