Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 3, 2016

We celebrated our first outdoor mass of 2016 today and enjoyed worshipping together under the trees, a much loved tradition for generations of Catholics on the Russian River. Special thanks to the volunteers who helped prepare the grounds: Frank Danzart, Brian and Denise Britton, Larry Poirier, John O’Connell, Bronson Johnson, Jesus Chavez, Barbara Seymour, Dan Bajone and Steven Johnson. The tanbark laid down has eliminated the dust from the car parking and the newly cleared areas will provide more parking spaces. This will enable St. Elizabeth’s to park more vehicles at the Jazz Festival – one of our most important fund raisers! Thank you to all who worked on this project.

Fr.Luis reminded us that during ordinary time our readings focus on discipleship.  Today’s gospel, Luke 10:1-12, 17-20, describes the appointment of the 72 disciples by Jesus and his instructions to them. Fr. Luis pointed out the number 72 is significant because it refers back to the Old Testament list of 72 nations descending from the sons of Noah. Later in this gospel Jesus warns the disciples not to be too impressed with their power to remove demons and heal, but to rejoice in the assurance that their names are written in heaven. A modern understanding of this admonition is to avoid allowing one’s ego to interfere with ministry.

As disciples at St. Elizabeth’s we have much to be joyful about – enjoying the fellowship of our summer parishioners, and participating in the fund raising and social events of the season:


  • July 17 Parish Picnic at Northwood – tickets available after mass.
  • July 28 Monte Rio Variety Show – tickets available after mass. See Monte Rio Variety Show Website
  • St. Colman’s Salad Luncheon at the Cazadero Fire Hall, Tuesday, July 26th at Noon.


Thank you to our choir for their ministry! Here are some video snippets of today’s music to enjoy. We sang “America the Beautiful” and “God Bless America” together to celebrate Independence Day. We are grateful to all who have defended our freedom and to God for our beautiful country.

The Summons

Come, Let Us Sing with Joy to the Lord

God Bless America





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