16th Sunday in Ordinary Time – July 17, 2016

An unseasonably chilly morning today contrasted with our Hawaiin theme for the parish picnic this afternoon at Northwood! By the end of mass and coffee hour the sun was peaking through and temperatures will be nice for the 12:30 picnic.

Fr. Luis spoke of the importance for Catholics to be hospitable and inclusive to visitors and new parishioners, telling a poignant story of being an immigrant family and greeted with stares at their new Catholic parish. Fr. Luis shared that two of his siblings no longer are Catholics due to this experience. The Guild provides coffee, pastries and savories after mass in order to counter the Catholic tradition of rushing off after mass, and we all still need to recognize that merely fulfilling the duty to attend Sunday mass is not adequate. Guild members ruefully smile at the Martha Mary gospel, which is all too familiar to us as we struggle to make sure our ministry is carried out in the right spirit!

We truly must be a loving, caring church to our fellow parishioners, our visitors and our newest members. So often we blame our busy schedules but need to remember to set our priorities straight, blocking out time for prayer and contemplation that in turn gives us the grace to be better representatives of Christ.

Today’s Gospel speaks well to that issue, the lament of Marathe the overtasked, resentful sister of Mary, who elected to sit at the feet of the rabbi. A classic conflict and source of friction in family and professional life, we all have both Martha and Mary issues in our lives! With humor and grace hopefully we can do better at balancing our chores and imbuing them with grace, through work in our spiritual lives.

A nice way to express this spirit of generosity could be purchasing tickets as a gift to the 100th Monte Rio Variety Show. Or purchase the wonderful souvenir sweatshirts shown below, worn by volunteers with Michelle McDonnell. Invite a shut-in neighbor, or perhaps young family who cannot afford tickets.

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Thank you as always to our choir. Here are two videos captured.



Thank you to SUE POIRRIER who provides the flowers every Sunday.

We wish you a blessed Sunday!


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