18th Sunday in Ordinary Time – July 31, 2016

On this 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Fr. Luis reminds us that Ordinary Time is dedicated to scriptures pertaining to discipleship. He reminds us of our social/spiritual interconnections with our fellow Catholics as well as the world at large, our role in salvation history. Today’s readings address the pernicious nature of greed, how the comforts and pleasures of wealth can be a problem. He told us of a plaque he saw in a home he was asked to bless which read “The best things in life are not things.” He reminds us not to allow our things to dominate our lives, and to remain vigilant to the dangerous of materialism.

On a lighter note, Fr. Luis received a joke from his aunt which he shared with us. Three elderly sisters, who had never married, lived together all their lives in the same home. They were aged 92, 94 and 96. One day the 96 year old drew a bath and put her foot in the tub. She called out to her sisters “Was I getting in or out of the tub?” Her 94 year old sister responded by climbing upstairs to help, but midway she called out “Was I going up or down the stairs?” The youngest sister was in the kitchen having tea and overhearing this and said “I hope will never get as forgetful as you two, knock on wood.” Then she added “I will come up and help you just as soon as I answer the door!”

Then Fr. Luis topped himself by saying “I would tell you why I am telling you this joke, but I forgot!” which got a good laugh from our parishioners and visitors. Speaking of visitors, we were happy to see visitors from Arizona and members of the Robles family visiting from Guadalahara, Mexico. Josefina’s 3 sisters and their husbands are in town. Returning to the subject of discipleship, it is so important to remember our need to love one another despite our differences – be they political, economic, ethnic or just personality clashes: “Here there is not Greek and Jew, circumcision or uncircumccion, barbarian, Scythian, slave, free; but Christ is all and in all.”

Communion Antiphon: “You have given us, O Lord, bread from heaven, endowed with all delights and sweetness in every taste.”Wisdom 16:20

Special thanks to all the volunteers who produced the two important fundraisers last week, St. Colman’s Salad Luncheon on Tuesday and The Monte Rio Variety Show on Thursday. A great deal of work goes into creating these events which are a major source of financial support for the parish. Additionally, these events provide fellowship and great fun for our communities. Thank you all again.

St. Elizabeth’s Guild serves coffee, pastries and savories after the 9:00 AM mass in the outdoor church. Please join us and enjoy our angel cake pops – back by popular demand (a request made by the Gibbs children.) We have home made goodies and friendly parishioners, we hope you have time to join us!
We have faith stickers and holy cards tomorrow for our kids. Take some home for the grandkids! Our Guild Members are the “Marthas” of the parish, working hard in the kitchen.  and sincerely hope our coffee services express joy and hospitality for our parish! Thank you to Jeanine Rossi for bringing her delicious chocolate zuccini bread to enjoy with coffee.

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