Ascension of the Lord – 7th Sunday of Easter

Our groovy choir rocked the house with their rendition of the African American spiritual “Over My Head there is Music in the Air.” Celebrating the Ascension of the Lord and Memorial Day weekend, the mood was joyful! Parishioners burst out in applause.

Fr. Luis gave us a philosophical homily contrasting Platonic and eastern religious views of the idea of heaven. Comparing Plato’s cave with Taoist Yin-Yang, he reminded us that we must also integrate the spiritual and material elements of our lives. A summer parishioner from St. Dominic’s in San Francisco gave the right answer to Fr. Luis’ challenge question “What is Plato’s Cave about?” while the rest of us shrank in our seats trying desperately to avoid getting chosen. Whoever you are, thank you!

Tony Madrid lead the Psalm with Eric Lindenbusch on coronet

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July 27, 2017

106th Annual Variety Show

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