Outdoor Church Cleanup 2017

For the past two Saturdays parishioners and community volunteers have worked hard to prepare the outdoor church property for summer.

A huge thank you to Sonoma County District Five Supervisor Lynda Hopkins for approving use of a mower and to the Sonoma County Transportation and Public Works Dept staff members Rob Howlin and Joe Gonzalez. Thank you also to District Director Susan Upchurch.

Using the mower not only makes the property look better, it makes it easier for the sheriffs to see negative behaviors which have plagued the area for years. Special thank you to Brian Britton who operated the mower and facilitated its loan.

From Cleanup Coordinator Gail Culverwell:

Our outdoor church is ready for Mass this weekend thanks to the many volunteers who raked, broomed and power-washed plus gathering all the debris and hauling it off.
Jim Rossi, Lorna Marie Hastings, Jose Benjamin Robles, Jose Chavez, Brian Britton, Denise Britton, Jim Breaux, Larry Love, Rosie Bohny, Frank Danzart, Kathy Karnath, Lyle Karnath, Denise Goodwin, Barbara Seymour, Irene Deem, Dan Bajone, Wallace William III, Ernie Loconsolo, Gail Culverwell, Eric Lindenbusche, Francine Korn, John O’Connell and Damien Olsen.
Behind the scenes helping us make it work, we very much appreciate County staff Lynda Hopkins, Susan Upchurch, Rob Houwling, and Joe Gonzalez.
Great Job all and thank you!

This is the finished result:

Here is video of the clean up crew on Saturday, June 24

Power washing the pews helps remove the graffiti and debris resulting from the flooding each year.

Grafiti at St. Elizabeth's outdoor church in Guerneville, CA Graffiti continues to be a problem but by clearing the property and encouraging people to use it for meditation we hope to discourage negative behaviors. Clearing the undergrowth of brush will help the sheriffs get a clearer visual of the property.[/caption]
Clearing away brush improves visibility of homeless encampments and behavioral problems for law enforcement.
North end of the property now cleared; has previously had dense undergrowth with multiple encampments. The debris is carried by winter flooding into Phyfe Creek and the Russian River.
The redoubtable Frank Danzart who has lead this clean up for more than 40 years and also provides year round clean ups. Frank turns 90 this year and is a respected pillar of St. Elizabeth’s parish.


Thank you, Fran Korn, for the photos below!






We apologize for missing some names and are working on getting them.

Thank you all again for your hard work! God bless you and see you next Sunday!

Pentecost Sunday, June 4, 2017


Our beautiful floral arrangement is from Antiquarian and Florabunda in Duncans Mills.

Gospel Acclamation:”Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love.” 

Pentecost Sunday Vigil Mass (Saturday evening 5:00 PM0 included the lighting of seven candles representing the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear of the Lord. Pentecost marks the end of the Easter Season and a return to Ordinary Time. We pray the fruits of the Lenten and Easter season will carry into ordinary time in your walk of faith. Fr. Luis reminded us to have grateful hearts, to be appreciative of the people in our lives whose generosity contributes to the quality of our lives. He cautioned us against the influence of individualism which is prevalent in our culture, and encouraged us to continue our efforts to grow in faith and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

He mentioned Sherilyn Parmeter’s gift, representing St. Elizabeth’s Guild, of chocolates for the mothers on Mother’s Day, and he encouraged parishioners to thank the Guild for this week end’s Rummage Sale.

Pentecost Sunday Mass 9:00 AM

Our cantor, Eric Lindenbusch singing the Psalm for Pentecost Sunday

Our parish is very blessed to have two people who were confirmed on Holy Saturday and who were given their confirmation names today. Lorna Marie chose St. Teresa of Calcutta and Carolyn chose St. Teresa of Liseux. It is such a joy to hear them tell of their RCIA experience and faith journey:

As described above, the mass for Pentecost included a candle lighting ceremony celebrating the Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Narration by Steve Brown

The choir ended the Easter Season as they began it, with the Hallelujah Chorus. This is a very challenging piece of music and we are so grateful to our choir for mastering it!

Celebration of Steve and Rebecca Brown’s Wedding Anniversary

Note: Outdoor Church Cleanup Dates: Saturday, June 10 and Saturday, June 17

Note to the Guild Volunteers: While your reward will be in heaven, on Sunday after the sale we will celebrate with chocolate truffles! See below:



Thank you to the Guild volunteers who have worked all week organizing the sale and will continue working restoring St. Hubert’s Hall to proper order. Thank you to all who supported the Rummage Sale which supports not only St. Elizabeth’s and the mission churches of St. Catherine of Siena and St. Coleman, but also the various local charities that St. Elizabeth’s Guild supports.

Dovarietyshown’t forget to mark your calendars for Thursday, July 27, the date of the 106th Annual Monte Rio Variety Show!

This is always an amaing show which benefits the Monte Rio School, the Fire Dept., and St. Catherine of Siena.