Elaine Joyce to sing National Anthem at Giants Game July 23


92 year old mother of seven and former WWII Navy nurse, our own Elaine Joyce is singing the National Anthem at the Giants game on July 23! She is a long time member of St. Colman’s in Cazadero and she and husband Tom were RCIA instructors at St. Elizabeth’s in Guerneville. Here she is singing “Tangerine” on YouTube http://a%20href=. Elaine lost her beloved husband Tom several years ago and it is wonderful to see her do this!

Elaine and Tom both served in WWII.

St. Elizabeth Guild president Fran Korn texted us from Giants Stadium that Elaine did great! Sonoma West also ran this story http://www.sonomawest.com/sonoma_west_times_and_news/news/giants-invite-west-county-grandmother-to-sing-the-national-anthem/article_716795f0-5e90-11e7-ac6b-b71df84183cb.html

Elaine kills it! Twitter feedback great, people loved her, moved to tears.

One thought on “Elaine Joyce to sing National Anthem at Giants Game July 23

  1. https://www.youtube.com/embed/8K2twSd6Qms Use this link; I couldn’t get the one above to work properly. This out of the way, what great news! It truly made my day! I know Mrs. Joyce is going to do a super job of singing the national anthem next Sunday. I need to thank her, even if all these years later, for her service as a Navy nurse in World War II.

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