Outdoor Church beautification

Altar planting
Heartfelt thanks to Larry Love and Jim Breaux for landscaping the altar of our Outdoor Church. Thank you also to Susan Poirier who brings us the gorgeous floral arrangement each Sunday from her garden. We are so blessed!



Larry Love and Jim Breaux watering St. Elizabeth's outdoor church garden which they donated.
Each Sunday before mass, Larry and Jim hand carry 40 gallons of water to irrigate their project.
St. Elizabeth's Outdoor Church Floral Arrangement b Sue Poirier
Sue Poirier puts a great deal of love and effort into her garden, and we are blessed each Sunday with her gorgeous altar arrangements.

Unfortunately, the wood chips were stolen the first week! Whoever is responsible, shame on you. Not only is this private property, it is consecrated ground. The community is welcome to visit and enjoy the shade and quiet beauty of the property.

We have had a chronic problem with graffiti, litter, and drug and alcohol abuse during the week. Please alert the sheriff immediately if you see anyone defacing the altar or the grounds, or drinking and doing drugs. Our neighbors suffer from the noise and public health issues created by this issue. We can all do our part to reclaim the outdoor church as a beautiful place for prayer and meditation.

Again our thanks to Jim, Larry and Sue.


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