106th Monte Rio Variety Show – July 27, 2017

Monte Rio Variety Show 2017
Violinist Mark O’Connor, left, and his band. Photo by Alvin/Jornada/Press Democrat.

The 106th Monte Rio Variety was a huge success with a healthy increase in admission and raffle tickets. The Press Democrat crowd estimate was 2000 and the event coordinator, Michele McDonell said this is the largest audience since the 100th Anniversary Show. Click HERE for the Press Democrat story and photos.


Rick Walsh and band  (Jazz)
Smokey (one of the longest running acts for the show as a storyteller, although has not performed in the past several years)
Dan Brower – National Anthem
John Ballachey (Jack Jones song)
Liv Taylor (James Taylor’s brother  – Folk Song)
Gary Muledeer (Comedy)
Shelly Berg  (Jazz Piano)
Billy Valentine (Pop Song)
Patrick Martin (Magician)
David Jackson (Comedy & Song)
Mark O’Connor Bank (bluegrass with fiddle)
Tim Huffman (Country song)
Phil Vassar (Country song)
Tim Nichols (Singer, guitarist, songwriter)
Ray Benson (Country song)
Kix Brooks and Friends ( Country, Finale)


The story of St. Catherine of Siena Church and the Bohemian Club goes back more than 100 years and is told well by parishioner Dan Demers here. The show provides funds for the Monte Rio School Foundation, Monte Rio Fire Services and St. Catherine of Siena Catholic church. St. Catherine of Siena is one of the two mission churches affiliated with St. Elizabeth, Guerneville.

Unfortunately Fr. Luis was under the weather, so parishioner Margaret MacAtee was asked to do the invocation, in which she thanked God for the talented performers and the hard work of the volunteers. She prayed those who traveled long distances to the show would have safe travels.

Fr. Luis was unable to do the invocation at the 106th Monte Rio Variety Show, unfortunately. Graciously, Margaret McAtee, long time parishioner and caretaker of St. Catherine’s in Monte Rio, gave the invocation. She thanked those individuals who gave their talent and time, and prayed for the safety of those travelling long distances for the show. The show, which benefits St. Catherine’s, as well as the Monte Rio School and Fire Services, enjoyed the largest audience since the 100th Anniversary Show. Thank you, Margaret, and everyone else who contributed to the success of this wonderful event. Michele McDonell will announce the date of the 107th show in 2018 soon! Photo credit: Alfred Bohny

Margaret has provided years of service to our parishes, serving as eucharistic minister and caretaker of St. Catherine of Siena. She played a very important role with the ATF in determining that arson was the cause of the 2015 fire. (Read that story here.)

This year’s Variety Show is especially joyful because we are seeing St. Catherine’s open temporarily, and her rededication on the horizon. Thank you Dan Demers for leading that project.

Here is PRESS DEMOCRAT report on the Variety show.

Here are a few snippets from the show

Gary Muledeer

Parish volunteers Michael Collins and Rosie Bohnie working the front gate. You’ll see these loyal volunteers working at the Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival Sept. 9 & 10th parking cars!




Thank you to the volunteers who work so hard to make this show a success, lead by Michele McDonell.

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