Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – August 13, 2017

Floral arrangement by Sue Poirier
Another beautiful arrangement from the garden of Sue Poirier. Thank you so much Sue, your flowers, your readings and your wonderful family are such a blessing to our parish!

Today’s gospel tells us the story of Peter’s attempt to walk on water and illustrates the role that faith plays in determining whether we sink or swim (Matt:14:22-33). Fr. Luis’ prefaced his homily with a cute joke, then encouraged parishioners to ponder the level of faith they have and to understand that even though one is a life-long Catholic, one is tasked with studying and praying to keep their faith strong.

This writer missed the rest of the homily because she happened to look back and notice smoke rising from a pile of wood chips at the back of the property, and she notified Bob Dunne, a retired SF fireman, who called 911. As the sister of a fireman, she felt obligated to walk over to the fire station, since cell reception is usually poor in the summer church location. However, the truck was already headed out the door so the call was successfully transmitted. Once again we thank our firefighters for protecting our lives and our property.

“YOU AGAIN!” The ubiquitous Monte Rio Fire Chief Steve Baxman appeared soon after the Guerneville Fire Dept rig arrived. Steve saved St. Catherine of Siena Church in Monte Rio by spotting the smoke early and calling in the alarm before the all wood structure burned to the ground.
Spontaneous combustion was the cause of the fire. Firemen spread the chips and successfully stopped the spread of combustion. Christina Gibbs of the SF Fire Dept was on hand with her children attending mass. Our parish is blessed with many fire dept. personnel.

After the excitement, people headed out to attend the annual picnic at Northwood scheduled for 1:00 PM. We enjoyed a good turnout of 65, which is about the same as last year. The menu featured two salads, succulent slow cooked ribs and perfectly cooked tri tip steak with lemon tarts topped with berries, courtesy of Francine Korn.

Perfect weather of low 80s and soft breeze made outdoor dining pleasant at Northwood.
Thank you to Chris at Northwood Restaurant for a delicious lunch!
IMG_0898 web
Special thanks to Francine Korn for the delicious lemon curd tarts! Francine hosted a birthday party on Saturday for 85 guests at the PeeWee Golf & Arcade in Guerneville! Meanwhile, she is fighting a cold and we wish her a speedy recovery.

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