Russian River Jazz and Blues Parking

We are urgently calling for volunteers to help park cars next week end, Sept. 9 & 10.

Contact Fran Korn at 869-9341 if you can help. It’s easy work, the customers are long time attendees and very nice, volunteers at the entry to St. Hubert’s Hall collect the fees and more volunteers direct the cars in the upper and lower areas. We start about 8:45 am and close around 6:00. The busiest time is the morning.

We thank all our volunteers from past years. Unfortunately many of them are not able to help this year and so we are calling urgently for help.

Special thanks to those who help prepare the property , including members of the Guerneville Fire Service and Sonoma County Dept of Works.

Photos show volunteers Ben and Carlos, long time St. Elizabeth volunteers, working today on Labor Day mowing and preparing for our parking fund raiser next week end. Thank you Ben and Carlos!

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