Holy Thursday – March 29, 2018

Giotto Washing of the Feet
Giotto, Washing of the Feet, Scravengi Chapel, Padua

Mass of the Lord’s Supper

Tonight we celebrated the beautiful solemn liturgy of Holy Thursday and the Mass of the Lord’s Supper – the beginning of the Easter Triduum. For an explanation of Holy Week and the Triduum, please visit https://www.spiritualdirection.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/the-liturgy-of-holy-week.pdf  Included in the mass is the washing of the feet, emulating the example set by Our Lord at the Last Supper. Fr. Luis washed the feet of parishioners and he invited parishioners to wash each other’s feet. He emphasized this is not an empty ritual or formality but an exercise to be taken into our lives on a daily basis. It requires overcoming a sense of awkwardness and adopting the humble attitude of a servant.

Thank you to our choir whose music makes this gorgeous liturgy even more profound and moving. We know the many hours of rehearsal that go into creating the music for the Triduum as well as the time and personal sacrifice in performing it.  During the washing of the feet, the choir sang “Ubi caritas, et amor, ubi caritas, Deus ibi est” (where charity and love prevail, God is there.)

Video: Fr. Luis washing feet. Jesus taught the apostles that he was setting a model for service, that they should be servants to each other and the world.

Ave Verum Corpus

Wait with me…there is no dismissal at the Mass of the Lords’ Supper and there is no greeting at the Good Friday liturgy as the liturgies of the Triddumare continuous rather than separate events. The sacred species is removed from the altar, and adoration of the eucharist in the monstrance continued until 8:00 PM.

Thank you Fr. Luis and the choir and volunteers who lead us in this beautiful season.

We welcome you to attend Good Friday liturgy beginning at 1:00 PM with stations of the cross, then veneration of the cross at 2:00.



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