Sue Poirier OK after accident, keep the prayers coming please!



We are so happy to hear from Sara Cissell that her mother, St. Elizabeth’s lector Sue Poirier, was discharged from hospital following a bad accident in her rasberry patch! Sue took a fall and impaled her arm on the hook shown above. Fortunately, she did not incur nerve or bone damage, nor did she require surgery.

Special thanks to the Fire Dept who used the “jaws of life” to cut the metal rod and Sonoma Rescue who took Sue to the Trauma Center at Memorial Hospital.

Please keep up your prayers for her recovery! Thank you all! Sue is at home on pain meds and antibiotics and is expected to recover fully.


Sue with grandchildren Lane, Paxton, Tatum, Riley Rose and Cammie (Cameron.) Not shown: Hannah who was a little too young to join these Merry Chocolatiers who made chocolate easter eggs and packaged them in cellophane to hand out after Easter mass at St. Elizabeth’s. 



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