Parking Fund Raising Saturday June 9


St. Elizabeth pays the parish insurance from the funds raised by parking cars for the Blues and Jazz Festival.

Our pastor pitched in bright and early and directed the first cars to arrive!

This year a new event is added, the 100th Anniversary of Johnson’s Beach, Saturday, June 9th. Attendance filled the top lot only, so the volunteers had time to enjoy playing basketball with young Sammy, Denise’s grandson.

IMG_2518Fr. Luis shooting baskets with Sammy.


Thank you to our volunteers Dave Gillespie, Kenny Smith, Frank Danzart, Rosie Bohnie and Jeanne Kootz. Not shown: St. Elizabeth’s Guild President Fran Korn, Mary Anne Gustafson, John and Katrina Angeli, Irene Deem, Lynda Payne, Michele McDonell (who also heads up the Annual Variety Show in Monte Rio), Brian and Denise Britten, and grandson Sammy;



Luis directing cars!

Lynda Payne challenging Sammy:


Heartfelt thanks once again to our volunteers!!!

That’s all for today folks! See you tomorrow for the Blues Festival!


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