Blues Festival Parking – June 10, 2018



The second day of St. Elizabeth’s Parish Parking Fund Raising was blessed with a clear blue sky, pleasant breeze, and temperature of 78 degrees for most of the day, making our work so much easier! We had a great turn out of festive customers, many of whom return year after year and are a joy to serve! Jean Kootz and Linda Payne are our top sales staff, with a lively banter and laying on the personal charm to keep our customers returning! Today we added Bob Dunne, Carlos Gonzalez and Brian Britten to the staff parking cars (see photos!)

Newbie Parking Attendant Brian Britten was a star!

Our fund raisers are essential to the support of our three churches and we so appreciate the support of our volunteers. Special thanks to St. Elizabeth Guild President Francine Korn, Katrina and John Angeli, Vicki Gonzalez, Mary Ann Gustafson, Linda Payne, Jean Kootz, Rosie Bohny, Frank Danzart, Dave Gillespie, Fr. Luis, Jim Rossi, Denise Britten, Kenny Smith and Irene Deem. We didn’t see Sammy today as he played himself out yesterday teaching us old folks basketball! It’s pretty much an ad hoc effort and lots of fun, we hope you will consider participating.

The hardest working parishioner at St. Elizabeth’s, Carlos Gonzalez!

The next parking fund raiser will be September 8th & 9th for the Jazz Festival and we hope you will save the date and join us in parking cars and enjoying a free lunch!

Dave Gillespie is a long time volunteer and veteran parking director.
Bob Dunne making sure cars are parked correctly.

For photos from the parking event yesterday visit Parking Fund Raising Saturday June 9

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