EWTN Presents History of US Catholicism July 2 thru 13 featuring Fr. Charles Connor

NEW Catholic Beginnings: New York

By Frances Dolores
Start spreading the news because Fr. Charles Connor is back with more insights into the Catholic history of the United States in a brand-new season of his EWTN Original Series! This time, he’s taking a bite out of The Big Apple to get to the core of New York’s Catholic Beginnings, all while exploring cathedrals, catacombs, and the impact Catholic immigrants had in transforming the city. Watch a new episode of Catholic Beginnings: New York at 5:30 p.m. ET every night from Monday, July 2 through Friday, July 13—only on EWTN!   

Called “the capital city of the world” by St. Pope John Paul II, it’s no wonder Fr. Charles Connor chose to focus the next installment of his continuing “Catholic Beginnings” series on New York. “You’ll find the Catholic Church in the United States in microcosm here,” says Fr. Connor, who notes that the state’s faith history begins  before the revolutionary war, and that’s the setting he dives into in the first installment of his twelve-part series. It is, after all, the historical background for one of New York’s most beloved saints, Elizabeth Ann Seton.

Those who love Psalm 23, “The Lord is my Shepherd,” have a kindred soul in Elizabeth Ann Seton, because it was her favorite as well. It was likely a source of comfort for her as the eventual Catholic convert was born into an Episcopal family during a tumultuous time for the Christian faith, and Episcopalians in particular. After all, the colonies were in the process of declaring independence from England, which left many who were loyal to the Church of England wondering what their place was and would be in their new country. The years of warfare that followed affected both morale and morality in big cities. All of this played a role in the road to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s conversion, and Fr. Connor’s insights light the way for us to follow it.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s life and conversion is only one of the many facets of New York’s deep Catholic history. Fr. Charles Connor also visits the magnificent St. Patrick’s Cathedral: a symbol of the triumphs and lasting mark Catholic immigrants made in the face of tremendous hostility. As Catholic history affects not only the past, but the present and the future, let’s continue to learn from our roots by watching Catholic Beginnings: New York when it airs at 5:30 p.m. ET every night from Monday, July 2 through Friday, July 13—only on EWTN!   

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