Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time – September 23, 2018

Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 134

Sunday Bulletin 2018-09-23[89]

Reading 1WIS 2:12, 17-20

The wicked say:
Let us beset the just one, because he is obnoxious to us;
he sets himself against our doings,
reproaches us for transgressions of the law
and charges us with violations of our training.
Let us see whether his words be true;
let us find out what will happen to him.
For if the just one be the son of God, God will defend him
and deliver him from the hand of his foes.
With revilement and torture let us put the just one to the test
that we may have proof of his gentleness
and try his patience.
Let us condemn him to a shameful death;
for according to his own words, God will take care of him.

Responsorial Psalm PS 54:3-4, 5, 6 AND 8

R. (6b) The Lord upholds my life.
O God, by your name save me,
and by your might defend my cause.
O God, hear my prayer;
hearken to the words of my mouth.
R. The Lord upholds my life.
For the haughty men have risen up against me,
the ruthless seek my life;
they set not God before their eyes.
R. The Lord upholds my life.
Behold, God is my helper;
the Lord sustains my life.
Freely will I offer you sacrifice;
I will praise your name, O LORD, for its goodness.
R. The Lord upholds my life.

Reading 2JAS 3:16—4:3

Where jealousy and selfish ambition exist,
there is disorder and every foul practice.
But the wisdom from above is first of all pure,
then peaceable, gentle, compliant,
full of mercy and good fruits,
without inconstancy or insincerity.
And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace
for those who cultivate peace.Where do the wars
and where do the conflicts among you come from?
Is it not from your passions
that make war within your members?
You covet but do not possess.
You kill and envy but you cannot obtain;
you fight and wage war.
You do not possess because you do not ask.
You ask but do not receive,
because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions.

AlleluiaCF. 2 THES 2:14

R. Alleluia, alleluia.
God has called us through the Gospel
to possess the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
R. Alleluia, alleluia.

GospelMK 9:30-37

Jesus and his disciples left from there and began a journey through Galilee,
but he did not wish anyone to know about it.
He was teaching his disciples and telling them,
“The Son of Man is to be handed over to men
and they will kill him,
and three days after his death the Son of Man will rise.”
But they did not understand the saying,
and they were afraid to question him.They came to Capernaum and, once inside the house,
he began to ask them,
“What were you arguing about on the way?”
But they remained silent.
They had been discussing among themselves on the way
who was the greatest.
Then he sat down, called the Twelve, and said to them,
“If anyone wishes to be first,
he shall be the last of all and the servant of all.”
Taking a child, he placed it in their midst,
and putting his arms around it, he said to them,
“Whoever receives one child such as this in my name, receives me;
and whoever receives me,
receives not me but the One who sent me.”


Be sure to say goodbye and wish Godspeed to Eric today. Eric and his wife Cecilia are moving to Idaho. Eric has served as cantor, with his fine tenor voice and his cornet and keyboard have provided a unique character to our choir. We thank Eric for his wonderful gifts of talent and faith, and he leaves us with many beautiful memories of moving Holy Week and Christmas liturgies, and uplifting Sundays. We will miss him and wish him good luck in his new home!

Here is one of my favorite Eric performances, a soulful rendition of the beautiful old spiritual Wade in the Water.


Thank You to All Who Have Purchased Plaques

We are very grateful for the response by parishioners as far away as Pennsylvania who have responded to the Memorial Plaque Campaign. The campaign will continue through 2019 so that we can can continue working on the outdoor church.

We understand that this decision might take time and that payment up front might not be possible for some people, so please understand we offer payment plans without any interest and are eager to include as many members of our community as possible.

Participating in this campaign has been very rewarding and is a beautiful reminder of the Mystical Body to which we all belong. During the year, and especially on All Souls Day and throughout the month of November, we will all pray for each other for faith and strength to sustain us through our losses, always remembering the hope of eternal life, and the loving memory of those gone before us.

Please note you may designate a pew for your pew plaque. Here is the current seating plan:


It’s a bit confusing so we suggest that you use this format: Section 1 or 2, Row ____. Please include your contact info so we can communicate with you if we have any questions or difficulties reading handwriting, etc.

There is a change in plans for the board plaques. They will be permanently displayed on the large wooden cross on the face of the new little stone building facing the altar. This decision was made so that people can see the plaques during the week or at any time they wish. You will soon see a very nice statue of St. Francis on the side of the building facing the pews, and a small angel playing a violin over the door, in recognition of our choir.


St. Francis is 30 inches tall and will sit on a niche on the wall facing the pews. Purchased at Absolute Statuary on Gravenstein Hwy in Sebastopol.



Your purchases have allowed us to put an electrical line out to the coffee service area which makes our coffee service better able to serve you, and will be a help to caterers who are working with Catholic weddings performed in the outdoor church.

Thank you Dan Demers and Jim Rossi  for these wonderful improvements.

Our Wish List for St. Hubert’s Hall, Yard and Outdoor Church and surrounding areas:

  • A water line which makes the venue nicer for weddings and other events where beverages and food are served. Estimated cost $7500.00
  • $10,000 Property Development including:
    • Development of a drainage ditch running along Armstrong Woods Road edge to meet existing ditch at end of property feeding into Fife Creek.
    • Further clearing of the underbrush at the far end of the property which would enable use of the property in June. It also makes the property more beautiful and allows better surveillance of illegal activities.
    • Road grade gravel on drive way to reduce dust
    • Landscaping, repairing and brightening up appearance of upper and lower areas

We are in the process of applying for a grant from PG&E Community Relations for dog waste stations and concrete waste containers for St. Hubert’s Yard area. We are hoping to receive $1300.00 thanks to help from the Friends and Residents of Guerneville (FROG.)

We hope to use the hall and outdoor church area for outreach to the community, encouraging activities which benefit both our parish and the community at large.

Please feel free to send in your suggestions for improving the outdoor church.

Thank you again!