Sacred Art Painting Party

You can enjoy this wonderful Sacred Art Painting Class at St. John’s in Healdsburg! Here’s the update flyer:


The set up is beautifully organized: tables covered with craft paper; each place with an easel and canvas, 3 brushes and a neat blue apron draped over the chair.
The sisters arrive! A special grace fills the room.
The painting used in the flyer…by artist Monica Steele Barrack. So charming!


This painting includes a collage of musical notation celebrating musical prayer. Monika reassured us this is not about how well you can draw or paint, but rather, expressing what is in your heart. Each of sees Mary in our own way…
After an introductory prayer led by the sisters, we begin. Monika teaches how to paint a “cartoon” a line drawing which forms the skeleton of the work.

After we finished our cartoons, Monika explained how to mix colors and encouraged us to be BOLD.

How lovely is this Mary? Our youngest student, Goreta, with her mother Maria. (You might recognize her from the Cathedral!) Our youngest student, Goreta loves to paint! I am sure this painting will be treasured for generations in her family!
Fr. Raul blesses our paintings!
In my painting, I tilted the head a little to indicate Mary might be listening to God’s voice, or pondering the words…her fiat is unfathomable to me!

I struggle to find the words to describe this experience. I had minored in Art History in undergraduate school, and I have always loved sacred art. For me it was a wonderful experience, very peaceful and joyful, without worrying whether it was “good” or not, and reassured by the artist Monika that whatever we produced would be our own personal view…not to be judged, but to be embraced.’

Visit Monika’s website!