Holy Cow! Meet Our New Neighbors!

Alma (left) is the mother of Clover. These are Irish Dexter Mountain cattle, a miniature breed that was threatened with extinction.

On a late summer Saturday afternoon a group of Catholic volunteers (Dan, Jim and Irene) were working on the outdoor church when they noticed a bovine creature grazing in the area usually reserved for parking cars. All of us being urbanites, we were pretty useless as to herding or developing a plan of action. Dan layed claim to previous cow ownership, so he established the lead. However, as modernists we immediately feel into a confusing discussion of gender identity. Since I previously knew the cow was a female who had a calf with her, I suggested she wasn’t a bull. However, I was concerned that the calf was not with her. We had all seen “City Slickers” so we didn’t fire up our coffee grinders, chain saws, blowers or another equipment which might cause her to stampede, but reasonably walked over to the neighbor’s home across Armstrong Woods. The amiable owner, Damian, thanked us for alerting him to his vagrant cow, and came over with nothing other than a genuine cattle dog named Camelia, who nimbly herded the cow, an Irish Dexter Mountain cow named Alma, back to her pasture. Damien explained that our parking lot currently features delicious clover, which tempted Alma.


Camelia is an Australian Cattle Dog who are sometimes called “heelers.” 

While we are at it, let us introduce you to another character from the animal kingdom, Delilah, a bull dog.


So dear friends, we ask that you drive slowly in general, but especially near the outdoor church so that you don’t run over any of these dear animals, or any of us volunteers. Say hello to their owner Damian if you see him, and thank him for helping us clear the underbrush. He is sympathetic to our problems with vagrants and vandalism and has been enormously helpful.

We also have some happy news that Alma is expecting, and will have her new baby in January. Alma is a bit shy but she likes apples. She’s getting acclimated to her new environment and is getting more relaxed. We will update you when the happy event occurs! Keep a good thought for Alma!