St. Elizabeth’s Guild Installation Luncheon – January 2, 2019

Gravenstein Grill, Sebastopol, CA

The officers of St. Elizabeth’s Guild were installed at a luncheon on Wednesday, January 2, 2019, with Helen Prielipp doing the honors. The newly installed officers include:

President: Francine Korn

Vice President: Katrina Angeli

Secretary: Gina Asaro Busalacchi

Treasurer: Sharilyn Parmeter

Fr. Luis blessed the newly installed office, and led us in grace and joined us for lunch. The food was delicious and a holiday mood prevailed. Thank you Francine for organizing this very enjoyable annual event!

Officers from Left: Gina Asaro Busalacchi, Sec’y; Francine Korn, Pres., Katrina Angeli, VP; Sharilyn Parmeter, Treasurer. Eleanor Gerigk and Denise Britton on right; Rich Busalacchi on left.
Ken and Jean Koutz; John Angeli; Rich and Gina Asaro Busalacchi


Fr. Luis with Mary Anne Gustafson, Pamela Guiney, Beverly Donnellan,  and Vicki Gonzalez
From left: Pamela Guiney, Beverly Donnellan, Vicki Gonzalez, Grace Shermerhorn, Rose Chromy, Ken Koutz.
Jeanine Rossi, center, with her sister visiting from Oregon on her right, Barbara, and Lynda Payne on her left.
From left: Carlos Gonzalez, Josephina and Ben Robles; Helen Prielipp.

We wish the officers success in the New Year and pledge our support.