Flood Clean Up – St. Hubert Hall Basement, March 22, 2019


We are deeply grateful to CHRISTIAN AID MINISTRIES / RAPID RESPONSE TEAM who removed damaged storage items from St. Hubert’s Hall and washed off salvageable items and replaced them. They were in town last week working on the clean up at the Community Church. Francine Korn, President of the local St. Vincent de Paul Chapter, was on hand to assess damage to the Food Pantry, and met them. She asked if they could lend a hand to help clean out the hall basement and they agreed to return the following week.

CHRISTIAN AID MINISTRIES is an international organization, founded in the 1980s. The ministry serves communities recovering from disaster. The RAPID RESPONSE TEAM serves in rebuilding, and have backgrounds in the construction industry. This team is based in Fresno.

The hall basement had about 3 feet of standing water in it for about 72 hours during the flood, leaving behind a coating of mud on all the items stored.

Debris left on Fifth Street for pickup. All debris must be placed curbside by Sunday, March 24. Collections will be done the following week or two. John O’Connell bought us delicious pizzas from Smart Pizza. Thanks John!
RAPID RESPONSE TEAM washing off salvaged items.
Prayer before lunch.

We enjoyed fellowship at lunch with the crew. We were so impressed with these young men, all of whom have jobs and families in Fresno, and left at 2:00 in the morning to come to Guerneville. Before coming to St. Hubert’s they assisted an elderly couple whose home was damaged. After helping St. Elizabeth’s they went back to the Community Church to finish work there. If you would like to write to thank them, here is the address:
1429 Elwood
Squaw Valley, CA 93675
Basement is cleared and drying out.

With continuing rain, it will take awhile for the basement to dry out.

The Altar of the Outdoor Church was completely submerged at the height of the flood.
The propane tank had tipped over and has been replaced by McPhails. They checked the furnace and water heater and all are in good working order.
The Outdoor Church

Prayers for our Community as we struggle to recover!