Volunteer for Coffee Service

The Coffee Service is an enjoyable time for all of us, but due to health issues among our volunteers, we must urgently ask that more people help out! What is needed is for two or three people to come at 8:15 to set out the food and start the coffee. It is easier than before as we now have electricity at the little tables in the outdoor church. We use the kitchen in St. Hubert’s Hall for prep and clean up.

We serve about 35 people on most Sundays, which increases to about 75 on July 4th and Labor Day.

It would be best to set up a pot luck system, share contact info, and switch off week ends, so people don’t have to commit every week end. It’s really a fun ministry, sharing recipes and meeting other parishioners, and providing hospitality to visitors and new parishioners. Telephone Irene Deem at (707) 486-9683 or email 3churchesecc@gmail.com.