The Legend of St. Hubert

Like some other saints, St. Hubert needed a good firm yank back to the straight and narrow path. God delivered while Hubert was hunting on Good Friday…

Our church hall is named for St. Hubert and some people have forgotten who he is. A recent news article concerning the use of his image for Jägermeister caught our attention so we are presenting his Legend:
Flooding St. Hubert’s Hall 2019. Over the years, the hall has served for church and community meetings, festive dinners hosted by St. Elizabeth’s Guild, a homeless adult male shelter and currently the Russian River Community Food Pantry.
St. Patrick’s Day party 2019 in St. Hubert’s Hall.
Our Crab Feed at the end of this month proceeds will help us pay for the new roof for St. Hubert’s Hall.

Fox News Feb. 20 2020: The logo for the popular alcoholic drink Jägermeister was found not to be religiously offensive by a Swiss court earlier this week.

Judges in Switzerland rejected Monday a case brought by the country’s Federal Institute of Intellectual Property demanding the emblem be restricted because the image was offensive to the religious beliefs of some citizens.

The institute said the image – a stag with a cross between its antlers – could offend the country’s Christians due to the religious symbol on the bottle’s label and had blocked attempts by the German brand to expand its trademark beyond alcohol and clothing.

An institute in Switzerland said the logo — a stag with a cross over its head — could offend the country’s Christians due to the religious symbol on each bottle. They had blocked attempts by the German brand to expand its trademark. (Jagermeister)

Judges said while the story behind the logo comes from an old Christian tale, the modern consumer associates it with the alcohol.

They ruled the “intensive” use of the image by Jägermeister had “weakened its religious character” over time and no one was likely to be offended, according to Swissinfo.

The logo’s origin stems from the eighth-century legend of St. Hubertus.

Before becoming the “Apostle of the Ardennes,” St. Hubertus was a devoted hunter who was chasing a stag on Good Friday when he received a vision of a glowing crucifix between the animal’s antlers.

Legend says a heavenly voice spoke to him about living a more holy life and he converted to Christianity after that revelation.

Considering it’s now the 21st century, judges ruled Jägermeister is free to use the logo for all promotional activities and products in Switzerland — including cosmetics, mobile phones, or telecommunications services.

For a somewhat naughty version of this story, refer to John Zmirak’s GUIDE TO WINE, WHISKEY & SONG, page 114.
After the flood in 2019, the Russian River Community Food Pantry moved from the Community Church to St. Hubert’s Hall. The program is jointly operated by the St. Vincent de Paul Society and The Salvation Army. We thank Mike’s Fruit Garden in Fulton, the Redwood Empire Food Bank and Safeway’s Food for Families. The hall roof is leaking and damage to the roof is so severe the entire roof needs replacement. If you would like to donate to this cause, use the donate button on the HOME page.
Spaghetti Dinner 2018
Parade of Lights Decorating Party. Gingerbread Cookies and hot chocolate for kids helping decorate our float for the Parade of Lights, 2015.
Our home made version of the bold flavored French goat cheese, Valencay, is presented at summer church breakfasts, features St. Hubert’s Hall on the label. 2018
Christmas Dinner 2007
2017 version of home made Valencay with St. Hubert on label. This year we used both cow and goat’s milk.
In 2019 benches were installed in the yard behind the hall. These signs were placed to encourage the community to keep the area clean.
Outdoor signage for St. Hubert’s Hall.
Memorial Plaque Campaign brought in funds to improve grounds surrounding the hall and the summer church.
The first annual MacKenzie Classic at Northwood brought in $9,000 towards the restoration costs of the St. Elizabeth and its two mission churches. The hard working committee, led by Linda Payne, only had 8 weeks to prepare. The second classic is scheduled for October 2020 and is expected to earn even more! Please consider sponsoring this event!