Thank you TEAM CRAB – Lynda Payne, Jim Breaux, Larry Love, Otto and Barbara Kobler, Carlos Gonzales, Jose Robles, Chris LeVoyer and Chef Lori Schwarz! What a fun evening! St. Hubert’s Hall was transformed magically with drapery and string lights, with crab themed table cloths and a bountiful display of raffle prizes! The attendance of 100 guests far exceeded the original plan of 50 seats.

The food was incredible! Chef Lori is magic! The Caesar salad was fresh and crispy with just the right amount of dressing AND THAT DRESSING!!!; french bread and pasta done perfectly – zitti with a great tomato sauce which should be entered in a contest! Crab was so delicious and plentiful, the cocktail sauce was really good, the melted butter such a nice touch; dessert was a lovely cherry tart, all served graciously by the Crab Team.

Thank you to all who supported this event which is a fund raiser for St. Elizabeth Parish! The theme of the evening is “One Parish, One Community” and funds will benefit restoration of the buildings of all 3 churches (St. Elizabeth, St. Catherine of Siena and St. Colman.) Our first Crab Feed brought in a whopping $7000!

This event was so much fun! The CRAB TEAM really pulled it off in great style!
White drapes, string lights and crab balloons! Tables had crab pattern cloths and little warmers for melted butter. Thank you to the decorating team of Larry Love, Jim Breaux and Chris LeVoyer, whose back ground is scenic design!

We remind you all that behind those curtains are storage racks with canned goods for the Russian River Community Food Pantry which serves needy families twice a month. Much of the food stuffs had to be moved to the basement for the party and replaced after the party – so we are grateful to the hard work the Crab Team put in making this happen!

Julie La Plante welcomed guests.
Charlie Eckberg and Fr. Luis, with bartender Otto Kobler in the back ground, rockin’ his crab hat!
Linda with sister Carole and daughter Susie bringing home the bacon! Otto Kobler in background with his crab hat, tending bar.
Our fabulous raffle prizes put together by Pam Guiney, included gift cards to the best local restaurants! Thank you Pam!
Jeanine Rossi selling raffle tickets.
Our chef Lori Schwarz (working so fast we couldn’t get a photo), Larry Love and Barbara Kobler hard at work in the kitchen!!!
Carlos Gonzales did much the heavy lifting and pre event work, and brought this adorable crab for the raffle table!
Larry Love (optician to half the people in the room!) in his other role as sous chef and server, and also responsible for the decor, working with partner Jim Breaux. Jim is recovering from hip replacement surgery and it was great to see him up and around!
Thank you everyone! See you next year!