Outdoor Church Preparation

I know it’s Lent but visions of delicious savories and pastries dance in my head as I anticipate summer and our beloved outdoor church! – Irene

Please consider volunteering for the clean up which occurs in late May or early June. We also need assistance during the summer emptying the trash and cleaning up debris. As you know we have a significant vagrancy problem in the area, and the more people who clean the area and make an effort to deter negative behavior, by cleaning and showing interest, the better the situation is. Early Sunday morning or Saturdays are good times to pitch in.

The Coffee Service crew is always happy to have new volunteers so please don’t be shy! Step up and join the fun! We serve between 40 and 60 parishioners and guests each Sunday, with larger numbers on July 4th and Labor Day.

Please remember the purpose of the Coffee Service is hospitality; please greet visitors warmly and be friendly and kind to your fellow parishioners. Think about bringing some treats to an elderly neighbor, we usually have plenty of goodies to share!

Can’t wait to see you all this summer!