Votive Mass for the Corona Virus Pandemic

Wed. April 1, 2020: Starting tomorrow the Holy See have given us a permission to say a mass strictly for the pandemic situation in our world . I hope everyone is following the policy of sheltering in place to prevent from spreading the virus. Please know that my prayers are with you all today. Once in awhile I will call people randomly just to keep in touch and reconnect. I would like to suggest that with you to keep in touch with your family. We are going to pull through with the grace of God, keep your eyes on the Lord. Peace and blessing!

Fr. Luis

Fr. Luis offered the world pandemic votive mass today for Santa Rosa police detective Marylou Armer.

Note: Votive Mass (missya votiva), a Mass offered for a votuma special intention. So we frequently find in prayers the expression, votiva dons (e.g. in the Leo-nine Sacramentary, ed. Feltoe, p. 103), meaning “gifts offered with desire [of receiving grace in return]” The Mass does not correspond to the Divine Office for the day on which it is celebrated. From Catholic Encyclopedia.