Possible Early Opening of Outdoor Church

Update Tuesday, May 12, 2020 at 9:10PM: Sorry no further information has been released.

This is a heads up call to the Outdoor Cleanup Volunteers.

Bishop Vasa has begun online meetings with diocesan priests discussing the possibility of having mass said outdoors. Fr. Luis presented preliminary information in his Mother’s Day Chat May 10th, in which he mentions May 17th as the earliest possible date the county has indicated. The section of the chat pertaining to the St. Elizabeth and St. Colman outdoor churches is presented below.

Excerpt from Fr. Luis’ Mother’s Day Chat

It is not yet decided which church Fr. Luis is planning to open or when, but here is an idea of the tasks for cleaning up St. Elizabeth Outdoor Church. I have shot some video below showing the grounds, but we are having a little rain today thru Wed. May 13.

  1. Rake area and bag debris, sweep off pews and altar. Alternative: blow leaves and create compost
  2. Power Wash, wash with 10% Clorox solution using mops or brooms, buckets. Waiting for Bishop’s statement regarding safe opening of churches and county protocols for disenfecting.
  3. Remove graffiti from altar, benches, cross on shed
  4. Weed and put ground cover/potted plants in front of altar
  5. Move chips down from upper area; spread. Consider spreading in parking area to prevent dust?
  6. Haul trash to dump

Volunteer Hours Guesstimate: 108 v. hours / 3 days 6 person crew / 6 hrs per day

Seating capacity chart with social distancing mandate

This is a difficult decision for Fr. Luis and Bishop Vasa, so let’s all pray for them.

I did make a chart which shows the location of the new plaques, as well as the original plaques.

If you have not participated in this effort before, please know you are welcome. It’s always fun and exciting, bring your work gloves and boots, and gardening tools. This is a team effort and is greatly appreciated by the parish.

Fr. has another meeting tomorrow with the bishop so watch for updates.