Day 1 Outdoor Church Cleanup 2020

Well, no one knows if we will be having mass celebrated in the outdoor church earlier than July 4, but in the event that we do, we have started the cleanup by preparing the altar first. A dense growth of wild onions sprouted this year and taking advantage of the damp ground from recent rains our die hard crew, Sue and Charlie Eckberg and Irene Deem, ripped them out.

Sue and Charlie Eckberg ripping ut wild onions.

This year we are missing some heavy lifters from our volunteer staff, so we are considering leaving the leaves and removing only branches. We have plenty of shavings to spread.

There are about 6 large piles of shaving which have to be brought down and hopefully some one with the appropriate equipment can help out to deliver the shavings to the lower church area.

Whether we open for Memorial Day, later in June, or in July, the property still needs to be prepped, so we may as well have it ready in the event the govt. grants permission and the bishop releases his statement earlier.

We will be working next Saturday, starting around 10:00 AM and at our age, we only work 2 hours. Younger volunteers are welcome to work more hours, so let me know and we will prepare sandwiches and waters. The good news is that since the pews were not under water this winter, there is no deposit of silt, making them easier to clean. However, we will need to sanitize them according to the appropriate health protocols for the pandemic, and plan to do this after each mass.

We understand many parishioners are compromised by health issues, and that this year is very different from any other year. So we will take it one day at a time, and hope everyone is spared from the infection.

There is a large area of brush that needs to be cut down around the perimeters to improve visibility. We will see how the budget turns out to see if we can afford to pay for that task which is a bit too heavy work for our volunteers.