Outdoor Church Cleanup Day 2 – Sat., May 23, 2020

Please give us a hand preparing for the possible early opening of our Outdoor Church! We need to power wash pews, spread shavings, remove graffiti, and remove debris. Email us at 3churchesecc@gmail.com if you can come and whether or not you want a sandwich.

Clean Up 2020 Tasks

  1. Rake area and bag debris, sweep off pews and altar. Alternative: blow leaves and create composte. Need adapted mower for composting?
  2. Power Wash, wash with 10% Clorox solution using mops or brooms, buckets. Waiting for Bishop’s statement regarding safe opening of churches.
  3. Remove graffiti from altar, benches, cross and door on shed – need drill / sander
  4. Cut down all brush along perimeters and by the area near the stone and plaque which are used as camping areas. Increased visibility reduces behavioral problems. Need strong clippers
  5. Weed and put ground cover/potted plants in front of altar. Update: area has been weeded. Purchased some Petunias in pink, white and lavender, silver mound artemisia, dusty miller, alyssum, and some trailing, varigated ivy.
  6. Haul trash to dump
The plan is to pot these in cocoa baskets. Carlos has volunteered to take them home after mass so vandals don’t take them or destroy them.
The cross on the shed has been graffitied.
The swatiska painter is back…

If you have never participated before, here is the huge effort led by Brian Britten in 2017 which will give you an idea of the scope of this project.


So here is a contest guessing what day will Gov. Newsom start Phase 3. As you know from Fr. Luis’ Sunday Chat, churches are in Phase 3. Remember it’s not the date the bishop announces, or the day the Gov. makes the announcement. It’s the date Phase 3 starts.

Winner will receive a St. Elizabeth Apron, a $30 value!!! Limited to the first 3 correct answers. To enter your bet, reply to this email and state the date you think Phase 3 will start. Enter your guess via email to 3churchesecc@gmail.com.

Thanks everyone! See you Saturday!

Linda Hopkins Briefing for May 18, 2020 discussing moving into phase 2b and what that looks like in Sonoma County