Parishioners Cleanup Outdoor Church! – Saturday, May 23, 2020

What a spectacular day at the Outdoor Church! Our volunteers’ team effort has the outdoor church 95% ready to open! It was so good to see each other and so happy everyone is healthy! Thank you all so much for a magnificent effort! It’s really hard work, folks, huge area to rake, clean and spread shavings!

Thank you Rick for saving us the back breaking work of moving shavings with wheelbarrows!!!

The man of the hour is Rick DeCarly, without whom we would have never gotten the shavings relocated and spread. Thank you to Rick and to Von Renner Construction for the loan of their equipment.

Leaf raking, debri removal, power washing and spreading of shavings is about 120 volunteer hour project!

Here is our list of volunteers in alphabetical order – please be sure to thank them! What a great group of people:

Tom Birthistle, Gail Culverwell, Irene Deem, Charlie Eckberg (Sue worked last week end but had a Zoom meeting today), Mary Ann Gustafson, Chris Kollaja, Andrew Lasser, Larry Love ( we missed Jim Breaux and look forward to seeing him soon!) Michelle and Patrick McDonell, Linda Payne, Jose Robles, Jim Rossi and grandson Duane Cramphorn, and Barbara Seymour.

Please let us know if we missed anyone!

We are awaiting protocols for opening the church. We appreciate everyone’s generous help and understanding of this difficult decision. Fr. Luis will be giving us information but in the meanwhile please join him in saying the PENTECOST NOVENA.

We will work again next Saturday, starting at 10:00 AM and hope to finish by noon. Larry Love will be doing some planting at the front of the altar. Let us know if you want to help out. We need a watering crew to share the task of watering the flowers in that area during the summer.

Thank you again everyone – just a wonderful job!

Please see Fr. Luis’ Sunday Chat on the home page for most current information on opening the church.