Final Outdoor Church CleanUp – Sat., June 6, 2020

As we got rained out this week end, we have rescheduled the last effort at preparing the Outdoor Church. We will enjoy two new volunteers from the Kobler family who are heavy lifters. Jeff Woods will do a haul to the dump for us. Thank you to Jim Rossi and his grandson Duane Cramphorn for finishing the power washing of the pews and sanding off of graffiti.

Remaining tasks:

  • spread shavings in the parking area and the area by the shed
  • Move the concrete piers out of site
  • Load discarded recliner into truck for trip to dump
  • Load stack of small branches and debris into truck
  • Assist Larry Love in planting the foot of the altar
  • Install the two banners
  • Place eye screws or hooks to hang new banner
  • Prepare Food service areas, vagrants have moved the tables around, they need to be spaced appropriately – in reach of the power source
  • Put up banners, need ladder
Photo taken today, looks really good!
These are the concrete pew supports that need to be moved and the wild onions dug out. This is definitely a heavy lifter job!
Limbs and debri to load into truck
Piles of shavings to spread in the parking area.

Piles of shavings to spread in the parking area.

If we get enough volunteers, I think we can knock this off in 2 hours. If we don’t, I will bring lunch for the crew and we will work again til 1:30 or 2:00.

Please feel free to make suggestions for improving this project. Thank you all for the tremendous effort you have made to prepare the outdoor church. Let’s pray the powers that be will allow us to say mass there soon!