St. Elizabeth Banner Made by Norma McFadden

Part of the joy of our first mass together since March will be seeing the beautiful banner of St. Elizabeth, made for us by Norma McFadden. Norma is a neighbor of Sue and Charlie Eckberg, and made the banner as her way of fighting the pandemic! We love her creative, generous heart – thank you Norma!

Thank you to our volunteers who worked so hard to clean up the outdoor church. They were cheerful and worked hard – please be sure to thank them!

Tom Birthistle, Gail Culverwell, Irene Deem, Charlie Eckberg (Sue worked last week end but had a Zoom meeting today), Mary Ann Gustafson, Chris Kollaja, Andrew Lasser, Larry Love ( we missed Jim Breaux and look forward to seeing him soon!) Michele and Patrick McDonell, Linda Payne, Jose Robles, Jim Rossi and grandson Duane Cramphorn, and Barbara Seymour.