Sonoma County Enters Phase 3 of Recovery Plan

Press Release: State Releases Guidance for some Counties to Move Stage Three

“On June 5, 2020, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) released guidance for counties with variance, which includes Sonoma County, to go to Stage Three and allow further sectors to operate during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).This new guidance allows variance counties to move to Stage Three as soon as Friday June 12, 2020.”

At this time St. Elizabeth will continue to require registration for all masses so that we may contact people who are exposed if there is an outbreak. An outbreak is defined by 3 or more cases; the incubation period is 2 to 14 days. We are providing visitor cards for attendees from other areas, asking them to contact us if they are diagnosed with COVID-19 within 14 days of their visit, and capturing their contact information so we can notifying them of an outbreak.

Some parishioners have voiced objections to the policy and here are some instances of church related outbreaks to consider presented below. Remember that we are still dispensed by the bishop from the obligation to attend mass on Sunday and that St. Elizabeth is live streaming Sunday mass as well as the week day masses via Facebook. They are then linked to our website and our YouTube channel. If you find yourself feeling a bit anxious or down, consider going there and select a mass, rosary or chat with Fr. Luis.

Instances of Church Related COVID-19 outbreaks:

Church in Chula Vista under COVID-19 investigation for possible non-compliance. Note in this case the inability to provide lists of attendees. This is not mandated by the govt. but is our policy at St. Elizabeth as we have a double risk due to our high rate of visiting tourists and our elderly parishioner demographic.

Holy Ghost Chapel, in the Diocese of Galveston-Houston, staffed by Redemptorists, had opened early in May but had to close again when one priest died, and five other clergy he lived with tested positive.

There are many other news stories you can Google yourself if you are not convinced of the need for these policies. A prayer for the pandemic is on the home page, please pray! Thank you for your cooperation.

Visitors will be asked to complete these cards so they can remember the date they attended, and get informed of an outbreak, or let us know if they get diagnosed with COVID-19.

To ease the hassle factor for our regular attendees, if you plan to attend the same mass all summer and wish to avoid having to register every week, email and let us know how many seats you need. We can block out these seats for you. Please be responsible and let us know when you bring guests, we must have their contact information, or if you are not attending. This is especially important at St. Catherine of Siena as seating is limited.

Again our thanks for your cooperation, and our prayers for your health and safety.