Our Outdoor Church Work Continues…

We apologize for the delay caused by our own internal issues, but the Memorial Plaques are finally mounted on this beautiful Tree of Life carving from M-4 Specialists in Guerneville. They are being finished this week and will be displayed at the 9:00 AM mass at St. Elizabeth Outdoor Church this Sunday. Burl work done by M-4 Specialists, 15320 River Road, Guerneville, CA 95446. 707-490-4015. http://www.m-4specialists.com. Tree of Life carved by Hillel Posner, 707-657-9444; furnituremaker3@gmail.com

Our Outdoor Church Cleanup continues with plantings of the geraniums at the foot of altar, Saturday, June 20, 2020. Usually the outdoor church doesn’t open until July 4th, but because of the current health conditions, the church was opened early.

Special thanks to Larry Love and Jim Breaux who donated the geraniums, which are hardy plants who can withstand the infrequent waterings. Water has to be carried to the site, so this is a laborious project for Jim and Larry who have maintained it for years.

We are especially grateful to Rick DiCarly who has been mowing and moving the shavings down to the church area, and who got that horrible pile of debris burned (obtained all the permitting, etc.) and to Von Renner Construction for loaning their equipment. Thank you so much!

Thank you to those who pitched in June 20, 2020 to help: Charlie Eckberg, Chris Kollaja, Maryann Gustafson, Linda Payne, Larry Love, Jim Rossi, Jim Breaux and Irene Deem. Thank you also to the rest of the committee who have worked on other dates: Denise Brand, Gail Culverwell, Barbara Seymour, Barbara and Otto Kobler, Andrew Lasser, Michele and Patrick McDonell, Jeanine Rossi and Harry Vogl. 


Maryann Gustafson and Carlos Gonzalez have been working on the front garden of the church and it looks really beautiful.

If you enjoy doing this kind of work please join us! It’s a fun group, it’s a big piece of property and there is always lots of work to do!